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    I'm not sure which cancer type should i look for
    My dad, 69 years old, was diagnostic as a pancreatic cancer patient last year.
    The tumor was fully removed in a surgery – Distal Pancreatecomy, including the spleen. Now he has liver tumors, which is a secondary cancer. In the cancer types i can see liver cancer as a primary tumor, but not as a secondary cancer. The CT shows that the pancreatic tumor was removed.
    So which cancer type should i look a treatment to?
    Thanks in advance,

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi Shany,

    You always want to treat the primary cancer, no matter where it metastasizes to.

    So, in your father's situation, you will want to see Pancreatic Cancer:


    Radha Madhava Dasi
    Radha Madhava Dasi

    I have a friend in India, she has chronic pancreatitis and beginning stage of pancreatic cancer. She can eat almost only boiled rice and potatoes, and many times also vomits and she has strong pain. Until now she took only allopathy treatment, and the doctors say, that she cannot cure, and in future may need an operation. I suggested her alternative treatment, and she is interested. But she will need an experienced practitioner for that. Can someone please recommend an alternative practitioner or a clinic in India?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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