Cancer Tutor Forum General Discussion Are remission occurrences due to orthodox treatment or just dietary changes?

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    Since I'm sure this topic is considered very offensive to advocates of orthodox treatment, I imagine that there has never been an officially sanctioned government study done to answer this question. However, if there ever was a study done to answer this question, it seems to me that it would likely advance the cause of alternative therapies tremendously.

    So, if there has been a study, my follow-up question would be “why isn't that study used to bolster the reputation of alternative therapies?” If the answer is that there has never been such a study, then; Is there a lawsuit pending to force one to be done?

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    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi there,

    Can you elaborate on exactly what type of study you are speaking about?



    In tumor cell proliferation studies, the conventional modeling is that the cancer survival depends on: (i) invasion, (ii) growth rate, (iii) nutrients. Both orthodux treatment and dietary change address the same issue just targeting different elements in the equation. For example, surgery may aim at inasion by cutting out the malignant cell mass. Radiation treatment may aim at growth rate of the malignant cell thus hastening apoptosis (rogrammed cell death). Chemo may aim at nutrient route (vescullary) and growth rate (interrupted delivery route). Alternative care also employs the same targeting approach depending on the type of protocol used. For colon cancer, for instance, tumeric is used because it is not absorbed by the body without the present of black peper—-thus, by allowing the tumeric to pass through the colon it comes into contact with the malignant cells in the colon wall. Cutting off protein (animal meat) consumption as a dietary change is aiming at cutting off nutrients to the tumor thereby starving it (reducing growth rate).

    Pharmaceutical companies turned to herbal sources to create cancer drugs. Thus, only ill informed doctor are offensive by alternative treatment. At least 20 anti-cancer drugs in the market today came from herbal extraction—-not lab created drugs, but nature-derived. Modern medicine has must to learned from medicine man from the jungle.

    Dietary change is part of coventional/orthodox treatment (if the doctor is informed about current literature in cancer research). Dietary change affects vesculization of local neighborhood of malignant cells. If properly employed, dietary change and control may affect veculization and, thus, cut off nutries and delivery route to tumor cells—-thereby achieving apoptosis (cell death in tumor).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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