From a high-level perspective, cancer patients first need to decide whether to be treated at a clinic which specializes in natural, integrative cancer treatments or be treated at home.

While this decision may seem like a no-brainer, in fact there are many things you need to know about being treated at a clinic.

First, you need to understand that health insurance companies will generally not pay for being treated at a clinic which uses natural, integrative cancer treatments.

If your finances are limited, and most people have very limited financial resources after paying their co-pay for orthodox cancer treatments, it is critical to talk to the clinic of your choice and your health insurance company to make sure you will be able to afford being treated at a clinic.

If you cannot afford a clinic, or do not want to be treated at a clinic, rest assured all is not lost. There are several highly potent natural, integrative cancer treatments which can be used at home. In fact, many of these cost far less than a clinic.

Option: Using natural, integrative cancer treatments at home as your first treatment

Most cancer patients who have been through extensive orthodox cancer treatments will, for financial reasons or other reasons, want to treat their cancer at home. One reason other than money, for example, is strong family support (although some clinics do allow one family member to stay at the clinic).

Another advantage to treating your cancer at home instead of at a clinic, is that it usually costs much less. Also, some of the treatments which can be used at home are as good as those used at clinics, though they may require a lot of work to implement. Support for cancer patients who treat their cancer at home varies greatly and can include telephone support, extensive audio training programs, email support, etc.

For those who have virtually zero money, and cannot afford the best of the natural, integrative cancer treatments, there is a key article on this website on very, very inexpensive treatments. With one or two exceptions, these inexpensive treatments are not as strong as the main natural, integrative cancer treatments, but when combined they can be very effective.
Inexpensive Natural, Integrative Cancer Treatments

Option: Using Natural, Integrative Cancer Treatment Clinics as Your First Treatment

There are many outstanding cancer clinics which use natural, integrative cancer treatments. These include clinics in Germany, Mexico, the United States, and many other countries.

The main advantage to using an alternative cancer clinic is that medical doctors or other experts can monitor your initial progress face-to-face. They can also use equipment which the average person cannot afford.

However, it is critical to understand that no clinic can completely restore a person's immune system within the few weeks spent at the clinic. Nor can a clinic fix the damage done by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to the person's non-cancerous cells and organs while at the clinic.

Thus, to think that a person can walk into a cancer clinic and walk out totally cured within a few weeks is not possible.

All clinics give their cancer patients who have completed their treatment a list of treatments to be used at home. Thus, even if you have your cancer treated at a clinic, you will still end up treating it at home.

Note this carefully: many of the cancer treatments discussed on this website are far stronger than the treatments recommended by the clinic for patient use after they leave the clinic. This is because the strongest cancer treatments recommended on this website are designed to be complete treatments, not supplemental treatments.

In other words, even after you are sent home after being treated at one of the best natural, integrative cancer treatment clinics, you may want to use one of the very potent cancer treatments mentioned on this website rather than the home treatment suggested by your clinic.

Cancer is a vicious disease and even though much can be done at a clinic in a few weeks, restoring the damage done to the body and the immune system by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery cannot possibly be completed in that time frame. Much work must be done at home after a person leaves the clinic.

If you use a clinic, it is essential, absolutely essential, that you read this article, which is a chapter in one of the free eBooks:
Critical Comments About Remission

Perhaps it can be said another way. Remission should NEVER be thought of as an issue of cancer cells. Everyone, even cancer patients, have new cancer cells naturally. Remission MUST be thought of in terms of the immune system. Until the immune system is strong enough to kill newly forming cancer cells (plus cancer cells left over from treatment), a person is never out of danger and should NEVER be considered to be in “remission.”

For those who can afford to pay for natural, alternative cancer treatment clinics, this web page will link to many of the best alternative cancer treatment clinics:
Web Page About Clinics

Also, in the book: Knockout – Interviews With Doctors Who are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It In the First Place, celebrity Suzanne Somers includes interviews with many doctors who know how to cure cancer.

The first key concept – Your chances of survival

In 2003 we surveyed several alternative cancer treatment practitioners, some who worked with cancer patients in clinics, and some who worked with cancer patients by telephone. They universally said that over 95 percent of the cancer patients who went to them had been sent home to die by orthodox medicine or the patient had quit their orthodox treatment because it was too painful.

What this means is that over 95 percent of the cancer patients they treated were very advanced cancer patients who, figuratively speaking, had “one foot in the grave.”

Also during that survey, every person interviewed said their overall cure rate for these patients was about 50 percent. In other words, they were curing 50 percent of the cancer patients orthodox medicine had sent home to die.

While the best of the best alternative cancer clinics may have slightly higher than 50 percent cure rates, it is doubtful they are much higher than 50 percent unless they have a significant number of newly diagnosed patients.

Since 2003 many new and improved natural, integrative cancer treatments and products have been developed. In fact, it is hard to compare cancer treatments today versus those of 2003.

Yet, because of the massive greed of orthodox medicine, it is unlikely the 50 percent cure rate of alternative medicine (on those sent home to die) has increased. In other words, as technology has increased; the damage done to cancer patients sent home to die has also increased.

The Second Key Concept – Avoid Critical Mistakes

Mother Nature has put hundreds of different alternative cancer treatments on this earth. Almost all of these alternative cancer treatments can cure most newly diagnosed cancer patients who stick to a rigid “cancer diet.”

However, as already mentioned, the reality is that over 95 percent of cancer patients who seek out natural, integrative cancer treatments are NOT newly diagnosed cancer patients, but are very advanced cancer patients.

Only a handful of the hundreds of alternative cancer treatments are strong enough to deal with the disastrous condition of very advanced cancer patients.

To understand the significance of this, suppose you see a very impressive testimonial about using carrot juice to cure cancer. The testimonial is probably factual. However, the testimonial may unintentionally deceive you into thinking that for your situation all you need to do to cure cancer is drink carrot juice.

While that treatment may be enough for a newly diagnosed cancer patient or one who has had very little orthodox cancer treatments, such a treatment is not likely to be anywhere near strong enough for an advanced cancer patient.

The point is that you must compare the condition of the cancer patient who gave the testimonial with your situation.

Advanced cancer patients don't have a lot of time to find a treatment strong enough for their situation. When the wrong treatment is chosen, and it is too weak for their situation, the patient has lost valuable time to treat their cancer.

In fact, knowing which natural, integrative cancer treatments are strong enough for your situation, whether you go to a clinic or treat yourself at home, is the single most important piece of information you need.

For several years the main purpose of the Cancer Tutor website has been to provide cancer patients with information about which treatments will give them the best chance of survival versus which treatments are simply not strong enough for their situation.

To accomplish this task, one of the unique things about this website is that it “rates” the strength of alternative cancer treatments. This rating system provides advanced cancer patients with critical information about which of the hundreds of alternative cancer treatments are strong enough for their situation. See this article:
Cancer Tutor Rating System For Cancer Treatments