Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and its cousins — melanoma and different types of sarcomas — do not spread like other kinds of cancer. While most types of cancer spread to the cancer cells dividing, as do these types of cancer, these types of cancer also spread by an additional mechanism. It is this second mechanism that makes these types of cancer so difficult to cure.

Before reading the rest of this article, read the “What Causes Cancer” article, You cannot understand what it takes to cure squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, sarcomas, etc. without understanding that article.

As you can tell from the article you just read, all cancer cells have unique microbes inside of them. When cancer cells divide, both of the resulting cancer cells contain these microbes. This is how all cancers spread.

While these types of cancer all spread in this manner, these types of cancer also spread via a second mechanism.

While there are microbes inside of all cancer cells, it appears from the evidence that for some reason, the microbes in these types of cancer come outside of the cancer cells and move through the bloodstream and burrow into normal cells in another location of the body, making these cells cancerous.

In other words, while microbes are involved in all kinds of cancer, for these types of cancer the microbes can be the major force behind the spreading of these cancers.

This is why these cancers can spread like a wildfire to highly diverse parts of the body.

As if that weren't enough, while all cancer patients have massive amounts of microbes in their bloodstream and massive amounts of mycotoxins in their body (i.e. mycotoxins are the highly acidic waste products of these microbes), getting rid of these microbes for these kinds of cancer is far more important than for normal types of cancer because of the way these cancers spread.

Nutrition-based cancer treatments (e.g. the Budwig, the Kelley, etc.), while excellent protocols, do not directly deal with these important microbes. For this reason, to stop the spreading of these kinds of cancers, it is critical to deal with ALL microbes in the body because it is impossible to isolate and target the specific microbes that allow these types of cancer to spread.

These types of cancer can be thought of as an iceberg. The visible part of the cancer is the moles, tumors, etc. The invisible part of cancer, perhaps the main part of cancer, are the “invisible” microbes in the bloodstream which are ready to create a new mole or tumor in another part of the body.

In short, treating squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, any type of sarcoma, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer or uterine cancer involves three key issues.

First, is the normal issue of “buying time,” meaning making sure the patient lives long enough to cure their cancer. This is especially important for these types of cancer because they can spread so fast and can take so long to cure. Alkalinity, of course, is one way to slow down the spread of cancer because it slows down the microbes.

To understand the concept of “buying time,” consider this scenario:

1) Patient A has been given two months to live,
2) Cure “A” for Patient A takes six months to cure the patient.

Do you see the problem? Patient A will be dead before “Cure A” can “cure” him or her.

But what if another cancer protocol, called “B,” can extend the life of Patient A to eight months. Now we have this scenario:

1) Patient A has eight months to live,
2) “Cure A” for Patient A takes six months to “cure” the patient.

Now, “Cure A” has enough time to cure the patient.

That is what it means to “buy time” for the patient. You use a treatment that may or may not cure the cancer, such as alkaline nutrients or alkaline minerals, but as a minimum it extends the life of the patient by several months.

Second, is the issue of killing the stationary cancer cells or reverting them into normal cells. Like most cancers, the main cancer cells are stationary.

Third, is the issue of stopping the spreading of the cancer. While most cancers spread by cell division, these types of cancer can also spread via the bloodstream by microbes. Thus, the protocol must include things that address the massive numbers of microbes in the body, especially the bloodstream and the liver.

Almost none of the alternative cancer treatments focus heavily on the microbes in the bloodstream, the liver, etc.

Options for treating these kinds of cancer

The recommended protocol for these types of cancer is the High RF Frequency Protocol which is very, very microbe-oriented, which is the main reason it is chosen for these types of cancer.

Because the ideal way to treat this cancer is very expensive (a high RF frequency generator device with consultation), the Dirt Cheap Protocol was designed to be very anti-microbial. It is an inexpensive protocol both for those who cannot afford a High RF frequency generator device or for those who live in countries where a High RF frequency generator device cannot be imported.

The High RF Frequency Protocol's main purpose would be to deal with the symptoms of the cancer and/or more quickly get rid of cancer cells or provide other redundancy (e.g. an additional way to get rid of the microbes).

Is the high cost protocol the best of the protocols? To some degree “you get what you pay for,” but if a person has a small budget and really does their homework, they can be successful totally getting rid of this kind of cancer using the High RF Frequency Protocol or even the Dirt Cheap Protocol. In other words, money is important but there are ways around a lack of funds.

So having a small budget is not a “death sentence,” it just means the patient has to work harder at understanding what they are dealing with and how to find inexpensive ways to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. My “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” article is a good starting point, but a creative person can use Google (once they know what they need to achieve) to find many other inexpensive options to provide redundancy with the main protocol. Remember, a liver cleanse (i.e. liver flush) is always required.

As another option for dealing with these kinds of cancer, if you already have the products for the Cellect-Budwig, for example, you definitely want to add the Bob Beck Protocol and a liver flush to deal with the microbe issues.

But don't forget the energy issues. The High RF Frequency frequency generator has the frequency sets for not just devitalizing microorganisms but for energizing cells, which were designed from the “ground-up” to deal with energy issues.

The High RF Frequency Protocol is actually a “new school” protocol as it deals not only with the normal things (cancer cells, microbes, etc.) it also deals with energy and “root cause” of cancer.

High RF Frequency Protocol

Fortunately, for cancer patients, the researchers at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation are “new school” researchers. They are very aware of the issues of microbes, mycotoxins, cell energy, alkalinity, immune system, etc. necessary to both keep a cancer patient alive and to deal with the microbes and cancer cells and the weakness of cells. Their focus is on dealing with the root cause of cancer, which generally involves weak organs, mycotoxins, etc.

For example, the High RF Frequency generator system can “balance the organs.” What does this mean?

First, consider that if you removed every cell from your body, the only thing left on the floor would be blood (which has cells in it), other liquids, mercury (from your teeth), and perhaps other foreign objects. Even your hair and bones are made of cells.

Think about it this way: you started life as a single fertilized egg. Nothing has been added to your body except what you eat. You are nothing but a collection of trillions of cells.

Every organ in your body is composed of cells. Thus, by energizing cells you are also energizing organs.

Furthermore, by energizing ALL of the cells in all of the organs, the organs become “balanced” because they all have the same energy level.

Either High RF frequency device also helps pump the lymph system to keep microbes from living there. And they do other things.

When the organs are balanced, the microbes (and their mycotoxins) are gone, and the lymph system is clean, the immune system works much better. The immune system can then deal with the cancer.

This was actually demonstrated by Bob Beck. The only thing Dr. Beck did was clean microbes out of the bloodstream and lymph system. When he did that the immune system became supercharged and the immune system took care of the cancer cells.

The High RF Frequency Protocol goes far, far beyond what the Bob Beck Protocol did, but I doubt anyone would complain if someone added the Bob Beck Protocol to the High RF Frequency Protocol. It is something that can “add redundancy,” meaning when multiple treatments do the same thing, the job gets done quicker because of redundancy.

The body is all about cells and energy. Microbes are foreign invaders which suck energy and nutrients from the body and replace the energy and nutrients with their waste products which are highly acidic.

This High RF Frequency Protocol is especially important for those with cachexia as it energizes the cells. Weak cells caused by cachexia is a major cause of death among cancer patients. In addition, as cancer cells are killed by the High Frequency Protocol the amount of lactic acid in the bloodstream decreases because there are less cancer cells excreting lactic acid.

It is important to understand that the consultation part of this protocol is equally as important as the electromedicine part. The nutritional protocols (which are designed based on an analysis of each patient) are individually designed for each patient and their situation.

Consider a sample of some of things the nutritional side of this protocol deals with:

1) Alkalinity (several of the nutritional items will likely be alkaline);
2) Energize cells with nutrition (however, most of the energizing comes from electromedicine);
3) Kills microbes in the bloodstream;
4) Provides a strong liver/gallbladder cleanse (the liver is a breeding ground for microbes).

The patient is encouraged to have a personalized consultation with one of the cancer coaches recommended by CancerTutor. Usually, a medical doctor or other competent practitioner analyzes a blood sample or a health questionnaire. This tells them the “root cause” of the cancer (e.g. a weak liver led to a weak immune system). The protocol is then designed for the patient.

These consultations are necessary to pinpoint exactly what sequence of events led to the cancer as well as how to best deal with the “root cause” of the cancer.

In other words, these consultants can guide you in knowing exactly what to do, in addition to the High Rf Frequency device, to eliminate your cancer, restore your immune system, restore the health of your organs, etc.

There are two different ways to use the High RF Frequency Protocol using either the linear or the oscillator powered amplifiers.

Start by using the High RF Frequency Protocol by itself. This is an excellent cancer treatment that includes a tailored nutritional protocol that kills microbes in the organs in order to supercharge the immune system.

The High RF Frequency Generator with the oscillator amplifier and plasma ray tube (non-contact) costs about $4,700. The High RF Frequency Generator with Linear amplifier (contact) costs about $2,500. The cancer coaching consultation is recommended and costs extra. For those who would like to use one or both of these devices, plus other items if desired, there is an easy way to pay for the equipment without borrowing a dime.

Dirt Cheap Protocol

For those who simply cannot afford the High RF Frequency devices and treatment, the Dirt Cheap Protocol was designed to be highly anti-microbial. In other words, it was designed specifically for these types of cancer, though it can be used for any type of cancer.

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