The Bob Wright Protocol

The Bob Wright Protocol for cancer

Theory: When treating cancer it is the pH inside the cancer cells that is critical based on the theory that this change in pH will kill the microbes that are inside cancer cells and results in normal cellular function.

The Bob Wright Protocol for cancer

The Bob Wright Protocol is in two distinct, consecutive phases.

Phase 1 consists of the MSM/LIPH protocol and special supplements. The purpose of the MSM/LIPH is based on the microbial theory of cancer in the bloodstream and claims to remove these microbes.

Phase 2 consists of a continuation of the supplements, MSM/LIPH protocol, drinking 11.5 pH water and additional supplements to be discussed below.

The theory of this protocol

Before discussing the treatment, let us first talk about the theory behind this protocol and especially explain why the MSM/LIPH is used for two weeks before the 11.5 Kangen water is even started.

The microbial theory of cancer

There are many theories regarding the incidence of cancer. The Bob Wright Protocol is based on the theory that cancer is caused by microbes. (2)

There are many of these microbes inside of every cancer cell. The “cancer microbe” does two things to make a cell “cancerous.”

First, these microbes eat glucoseA type of sugar; the chief source of energy for living organisms.. Why does this contribute to the cell becoming cancerous?

In a normal cell, glucose is converted into pyruvate (in about a 10-step chemical chain-reaction). The pyruvate then goes inside the cell mitochondria (note: there are thousands of mitochondria inside of every cell). Once the pyruvate is inside the mitochondria two key chemical chain reactions occur: the Citric Acid Cycle (aka Krebs Cycle) and then the Electron Transport Chain. It is these two chain reactions that create the vast amount of the energy the cell needs. The energy is in the form of a molecule called ATP – adenosine triphosphate. Because the cancer microbes eat glucose, less glucose is available to create pyruvate and fewer ATP molecules are made. The cancer cell becomes very weak (i.e. it has low ATP energy), which is the very definition of a cancer cell.

Microbes also excrete highly acidic waste products called: mycotoxins. These chemicals are also inside of the cancer cells. As one cancer researcher said: “the mitochondria, instead of swimming in a sea of pyruvate, are swimming in a sea of mycotoxins.” These two things are what block the production of a normal amount of ATP and thus these cells become cancerous, by definition.

The “cancer microbe” also does a lot of other things. It excretes enzymes that coat the outside of the cancer cell so the immune system cannot identify the cell as being cancerous. The cancer microbe also excretes enzymes that “cut a path” along surrounding tissue so the cancer can spread more easily. And it does a lot of other things.

The point is that when these microbes are killed, the microbes stop intercepting glucose, stop excreting mycotoxins and thus they stop blocking the production of ATP energy. The cancer cells revert into normal cells.

This Bob Wright Protocol is based on the above claims of this theory.

The history of natural medicine cancer research and the microbial theory of cancer

In the 1930s, Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, claimed that if you killed the microbes which were inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell would revert into a normal cell. Dr. Rife developed an electromedicine device (called a “Rife Machine”) that claimed to “kill the microbes inside of the cancer cells.”

See this article.

Starting mainly in the 1960s, massive interest in natural medicine cancer research began, some of which dealt with this microbe.

The person most instrumental in learning the details about this microbe was Dr. Gaston Naessens. Dr. Naessens claimed that the pleomorphic shapes and sizes were determined by the pH inside the cell. As the pH went up, the size of the microbes got smaller. As the pH went down, the size of the microbes got larger. He further wrote that there 16 different sizes and shapes of the pleomorphic microbe that caused cancer.

Claimed to be highly variable in size, the microbe is believed by more than one cancer researcher to be Helicobacter Pylori or H. pylori. H. pylori normally reside in the stomach/intestines of individuals, but even there it has been shown, to some degree, to be pleomorphic. (2)

Theoretical importance of the size of the cancer microbe

Dr. Naessens called the hibernating and treatment resistant microbe at its smallest size a “somatid.” This microbe is theorized to go into hibernation when the pH inside the cell becomes very alkaline, meaning the pH is very high. Furthermore, hibernation is said to be reversed upon pH becoming acidic (low pH). With this reversal, the microbe is said to intercept glucose and excrete mycotoxins and cause recurrence of cancer.

Many Summary of the Theory:

If the pH increases very quickly, the microbes are likely to be killed. If the pH increases slowly, the microbes are likely to go into hibernation.

Theory surrounding possible side effects:

When you kill massive numbers of these microbes in the bloodstream, in a short period of time, the cancer patient can become very, very sick (Herxheimers) because of the acids released by these dead microbes. The alkaline substance may kill many, many microbes in the bloodstream before getting to the cancer cells. In fact, much of the acids (released by dead microbes) reportedly end up in the brain where the acids can block the signaling mechanisms in the brain. Thus, the cancer patient may not only be sick, but they may also have massive “brain fog”.

Summary of the Protocol

The four-pronged approach in this protocol are:

1) the anti-cancer diet (eat right) is absolutely required, as it would be for any natural cancer treatment, Phase A is to kill the microbes in the bloodstream WITHOUT using high alkalinity. Phase B is to begin the Kangan Water at 11.5 pH (but no Herxheimer's will be experienced because there are very few microbes in the bloodstream because of Phase A).

2) Kangen Water for hydration, alkalinity and flooding the body with anti-oxidants,

3) Super, unrivaled supplementation through the special nutritional product, and

4) Detoxification to the cellular level.

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