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Dr. Virender Sodhi

Dr. Virender Sodhi was the first Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physician in the United States. He graduated in 1980 from the Dayanand Ayurvedic Medical College in Jalandhar, India. After arriving in the U.S., Dr. Sodhi enrolled at Bastyr University, a nationally recognized school of natural medicine in Kenmore, Washington. He received his N.D. degree from Bastyr in 1988. In addition to educating students at academic institutions, Dr. Sodhi has been featured on radio and television programs across the country, including "Ayurveda: Wealth of Health" on KEZX in Seattle and "Your Body is Your Natural Pharmacy" on Desi 1250 AM. Dr. Sodhi also has served on the panel of experts for Natural Health magazine. He is the most quoted naturopathic physician in the reference book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, and is featured in The Textbook of Natural Medicine. Dr. Sodhi wrote the book “Ayurvedic Herbs, The Comprehensive Resource for Ayurvedic Healing Solutions.”

Dr. Virender Sodhi's Recent Articles

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women in the U.S. It is the second most frequent cause of cancer death (41,000 deaths per year) . [1] According to the National Cancer Institute, a woman’s lifetime risk of developing cancer is 1 in 8. In 2007, the latest year for which updated statistics are available, […]

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