Dr. Thiti Samuthrat is a medical doctor who graduated from the Zhejiang University School of Medicine with first class honors. He was invited to join the Nutrition Discovery Organization by the Dean of Public Health due to his extensive interest in nutrition. Since joining Verita Life, his focus has been integrative oncology and works closely with medical director Dr. Abdulla El Hossami on research into cancer treatments.

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Dr. Thiti Samuthrat's Recent Articles

coffee enema

Coffee enemas and integrative cancer treatments

People have transformed the traditional application of coffee beans and began to use it for medical purposes. [1] The coffee enema was developed and has been practiced until the modern-day, especially as part of integrative…


Herceptin as a targeted therapy for breast cancer

As cancers are becoming more and more resistant to standard chemotherapy and other forms of treatments, different kinds of drugs have to be developed to more specifically tackle these issues. One treatment that is becoming…