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The Burzynski clinic in Houston, Texas is an excellent cancer clinic led by Polish-born Dr. Burzynski. It is especially beneficial for brain cancers of children but has been very successful on several other types of cancer. The protocol is called “antineoplastons.”

The Burzynski clinic has been mercilessly attacked by the FDA, National Cancer Institute, and every possible Texas medical authority, ad nauseum. This persecution has been going on for more than a decade! These “people” do not want cancer to be cured because that would cut into their profits. The pharmaceutical industry has been secretly controlling and/or funding much of this persecution.

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The Media and Burzynski

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The CancerTutor website has been told that patients, in order to use the Burzynski antineoplaston protocol, must first have the full range of chemotherapy and radiation. We do not know if this restriction is accurate, whether it is yet another attack on Burzynski or only applies to those in clinical trials. We are trying to sort out what is going on. Please contact us if you have information.

The White House replies to the Burzynski petition

The Burzynski petition to the White House easily got the necessary 5,000 signatures, mandating the White House to reply to the petition. Their answer was total nonsense, as expected. Here is an article with the original petition and the White House response:
Reply of White House To Burzynski Petition

How it works

“In the late 1960s, Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, proposed that a naturally occurring and continuously functioning biochemical system in the body, distinct from the immune system, could ‘correct' cancer cells by means of ‘special chemicals that reprogram misdirected cells.' He called these chemicals ‘Antineoplastons,' and defined them as naturally occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives that inhibit the growth of malignant cells while leaving normal cells unaffected.” Textbook


  • Note 1: Because this is an extremely expensive treatment plan, and because there is only one clinic that offers this treatment (making it easy for the FDA to totally destroy critical information that would make it possible for the treatment plan to survive Dr. Burzynski, as the FDA has done to many other treatment plans), under normal conditions I would not include this treatment plan on my web page. However, because brain cancer is so specialized and difficult to treat, and because of the success rate of this clinic on brain cancer, I include this treatment plan.
  • Note 2: While antineoplastons treatments can be used on many types of cancer, because there is only one clinic (in Houston, Texas) offering this treatment, and because this treatment seems to have significant success rates among brain cancer patients, and because there are many far less expensive cancer treatments for non-brain cancer patients, I have indicated, like some others have done, that this is mainly a brain cancer treatment.
  • Note 3: I should also note that several of the other alternative treatments for cancer also claim to have success at treating brain cancer (e.g. Cellect-Budwig). However, since my website is “protocol” oriented, rather than “type of cancer” oriented, I have not made much of an attempt to identify which types of alternative treatment plans do claim to have success with brain cancer patients. I work alone, part-time, and do not have the resources to deal all of the “type of cancer” issues.

The Burzynski Clinic is the clinic that Thomas Navarro's parents wanted him to go to (he was a child with brain cancer), that led to the Thomas Navarro FDA Patient Rights Act (H.R. 3677) being introduced into Congress. For over 18 months the FDA prohibited Thomas from being treated at the Burzynski Clinic. Only when Thomas was declared terminally ill and given only fourteen days to live did the FDA let him go to the Houston clinic. By the time he was allowed to be treated, complications caused by chemotherapy made it impossible to save the child's life. Such is the mentality of the FDA and the complete impotence of Congress.

I quote from a website:

Dr. Burzynski sees cancer as a disease of cellular information processing. Antineoplastons seem to correct the program inside the cell and can change a cancerous cell back to a normal cell. Dr. Burzynski described a study carried out at the Department of Pathology for the Department of Defense in Bethesda, Maryland. The study showed that using antineoplaston AS2-1 in tissue culture caused cancer cells to change back into normal cells after approximately two to three days.

Healthy cells specialize as they develop. After a specific number of cellular divisions, these specialized cells are programmed to die. Cancer cells, due to incorrect programming, undergo uncontrolled cellular proliferation. They keep multiplying without limit until they finally kill the patient. Dr. Burzynski has postulated that antineoplastons reprogram cancer cells so they behave like normal cells, with a limited life span.

The antineoplastons have to be administered continually and for a long enough time to allow the previously cancerous cells to go through their life cycle to cellular death. If the therapy is slowed down or stopped too soon, the cell (which still has an incorrect program) will start behaving like a cancerous cell again.

Supercharging this treatment

Since this treatment plan is only administered at one medical clinic, I have no comments on supercharging this treatment plan.

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