Alzheimer's eBook

Chapter 1: What Causes Alzheimer's?
Chapter 2: Keep Your Brain Alive – Part 1
Chapter 3: Keep Your Brain Alive – Part 2
Chapter 4: Links to Other Alzheimer's Websites (This article)

STEP Enzyme – May be #1 cause of Alzheimer's

This natural eating program is designed to remove the “STEP enzyme” from the brain of Alzheimer's patients. The program has great potential to cure Alzheimer's naturally. The instructions only cost $39.95 and it is highly recommended for Alzheimer patients. It is called the “Memory Healer Program” by Alexander Lynch. It naturally creates Compound TC-2153 for the brain.

Here is the link to the roughly 1/2 hour sales pitch and how to purchase the materials:
Memory Healer Program

Chapter 4: Links to other Alzheimer's websites

Site – Alzheimer's, dementia-general articles / causes

There is also a book worth looking into, but I have no feedback yet: BRAINFIT by Corinne Gediman.

Site – Nutrients to Help Alzheimer's (some are vendor articles)

  • Whole Health MD – Antioxidants – Discusses a book on antioxidants and health, including Alzheimer's
  • eNatural Care – Alpha Lipoic Acid – supplements that will help: acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid
  • Mega Nutrition – Alpha Lipoic Acid – detoxifies heavy and toxic metals
  • Vita Cost – Alpha Lipoic Acid – general article on alpha lipoic acid – brain
  • Linus Pauling Institute – Alpha Lipoic Acid – excellent general article on alpha lipoic acid
  • Great Life – VidaCell – Possible excellent product for dementia patients
  • Life ExtensionCoenzyme Q10CoQ10 protects brain neurons
  • Karl Loren – Malic Acid – articles on aluminum chelation
  • Jeff and Bonnie StoryVitamin B12 / Cobalamin – averts memory loss
  • Life Extension – Vitamin B12 / Methylcobalamin – neuron regeneration

Site – Vendor products (mostly chelation)

  • Vibrant Life – Oral Chelation Product – Super Life Glow
  • Liv4evr – Oral Chelation Product – Beyond Chelation
  • Herbals Unlimited – Oral Chelation Product – Formula One Oral Chelation With EDTA
  • All Chelation – Oral Chelation Product – Cardio Chelate Oral w/EDTA
  • Advance Health – Oral Chelation Product – Oral Chelato Rx (PLUS: Home Heavy Metal Test Kit)
  • Brain Antioxidant Product – Brain-Protex w/ Huperzine
  • iHerb – Brain Blood Circulation Product – Vinpocetine