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If you’re not in control of your health, who is?

While 50 percent of the population will get cancer, oncology does not address “why.” Dr. Carlos Garcia pops the bubble on genetics being a cause. He does, however, believe dental toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. are one cause.

“We’re interested in providing good health care. We’re not interested in just treating the symptoms,” he said.

Utopia Wellness also delves into the psychological side of cancer. “People need to understand that the emotional aspects of cancer are present,” Dr. Garcia said.

“We believe that the only person who can cure you of cancer is you, through your immune system. … You are your healer. Doctors cannot cure you.”

Dr. Garcia is forthright in his belief that cancer patients can cure themselves. “What a physician does is change the balance of pH, gets you to eat healthy because nutrition matters — contrary to what traditional doctors like to believe — get you to oxygenate your body because oxygenation is key … and figure out why you decided to allow cancer to thrive,” he said.

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