Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blind Spots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy & The Power of Emotions

Airs: Saturday, April 16th, 2016
The dangers of root canals and fillings, the truth about vaccines and diseases, and the importance of “getting your mind right” for any cancer treatment

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest–Episode 5 Synopsis

In the nearly 100 years since Weston Price released Dental Infections and Related Diagnostic Diseases very little has changed in how dentists deal with trouble teeth.

Now we know that a lot of sickness including cancer stems from dental toxicity.

Does the root canal, and similar procedures, have at least some culpability in the purportedly growing cases of degenerative diseases, including cancer?

“There is no safe way to do a root canal filling. And they’re still done the same way they were back in 1923,” says alternative health expert Bill Henderson. “Every one of the 32 spots in our jaw is directly connected to organs in our body, whether you have a tooth there or not. This connection is quite intimate.”

All the stuff that’s left behind after a conventional root canal often becomes infected and eventually becomes toxic to the body.

But while our teeth are known for their role in eating and smiling, most of us have given very little consideration to their importance in our overall health. And this is the case for a lot of other “cancer-causing blind spots,” as Ty Bolinger calls them in the documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.

And not to keeping dogging on root canals but some studies suggest that 93 percent of breast cancer patients have had a history of root canals. Here’s one possible reason the connection is so strong: your teeth drain into your body and can burden your immune system and reduce your body’s ability to fight cancer and other illnesses, according to Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy.

And root canals are just the beginning of these cancer risks that go unnoticed or are labeled as harmless.


Dental fillings. What are categorized as inert fillings of silver, copper-tin and mercury may be toxic to us even if the American Dental Association doesn’t think so. Even in minute doses mercury can cause significant problems. “Mercury is the biggest baddie of them all,” says Robert Scott Bell. “Ultimately, I believe, it facilitates cancer.” Because cancers are formed when no one is looking and where no one is looking, we don’t tend to concern ourselves with little toxins that provide convenient ways to fill in tooth decay.

Fluoride. Some have connected fluoride with Nazi Germany’s attempts to sedate captives in concentration camps, and even if it turns out you can’t add this to the long list of horrors inflicted by the Nazis we do know it has certain negative effects that we’ve chosen to largely ignore or forget. And while there’s some serious doubt as to whether it has enough real benefit to dental health to outweigh the long-term risks of this mass human experiment with chemicals, there is plenty of support for short-term dangers.

Iodine deficiency. Dr. Edward Group III says iodine is a vital element necessary for brain development, thyroid function, and metabolism, just to name a few. It also can act as an antioxidant and can even protect the body against radiation exposure, which there is plenty of in the 21st century.  Virtually everyone in our nation is iodine deficient. “You can't have thyroid issues without being iodine deficient. You can't be a Type 2 diabetic without being iodine deficient. Women can't get PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)without being iodine deficient, says Dr. Daniel Nuzum. “We have to find a way to correct this iodine deficiency.”

Vaccines. SB 277 is a bill passed in the California state legislature that makes vaccines mandatory for children. “It's a dangerous precedent because it strips away medical choice from parents and citizens,” says alternative health writer Mike Adams. “And it establishes a precedent where the state believes that it owns your body or the bodies of your children. They never talk about the ingredients: the mercury, the formaldehyde, the MSG, the antibiotics, the aborted fetal cells that are used in them, and in the past, the hidden cancer viruses like SV40, which was found in the polio vaccine injected into as many as 98 million Americans. They never talk about that.”


“The importance of emotion in cancer, in my opinion, is fundamental, crucial,” says Dr. Xavier Curiel, citing a study out of the University of California, Berkeley. “I'm convinced that probably that's the main trigger, the main factor that can actually codify, program certain information at a genetic and cellular level.”

Some practitioners link cancer and other illness to stress and emotional pain turned inward, and some believe that the way cancer is talked about can prove detrimental to recovery.

“The power of life and death is in the tongue. So if you pronounce somebody dead, they see the doctor as an authority,”  Dr. Francisco Contreras. “They buy it. I'm dead, no matter what.”

Dr. Antonio Jimenez says thoughts can be deadly.

“A negative thought can kill you faster than a bad germ. One of the main things to detoxify is here in your mind.”


Dr. Robert Scott Bell says that homeopathy is among the oldest and widest practiced forms of medicine.

Essentially, he says, you take a natural substance that causes the reaction you want to treat and then transform it into a non-toxic homeopathic form.

“We can convert that into a homeopathic form that is non-toxic that can actually facilitate the detoxification,” says Bell.

Emma Hoefkins needed this when her hydrocephalus scans revealed she also had a tumor on her pineal gland her thyroid. After two unsuccessful rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors didn’t have much hope.

“They came in and basically they said, ‘Would you like to stay in the hospital? Would you like to go home? Or would you like to go to a hospice?’” said Gemma. “They basically gave me three months to live.”


Interviewed in this Episode:

Dr. Terry Harmon, D.C.
Dr. Steven Klayman, D.C.
Bill Spaulding, Cancer Conqueror
Bill Henderson, Lecturer, Author, “Cancer Coach”
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
Dr. Thomas Lokensgard, D.D.S., N.M.D.
Dr. Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.
Dr. Edward F. Group III, D.C., N.P.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum, D.O., N.M.D.
Dr. David Brownstein, M.D.
Mike Adams, Scientist, Author, Lecturer, “The Health Ranger”
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.
Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist
Desiree Rover, Medical Research Journalist, Author
Jefferey Jaxen, Author, Researcher, & Investigative Journalist
Sayer Ji, Author, Lecturer, National Health Federation Advisory Board
Dr. Rashid Buttar, D.O.
John Consemulder, Neuropsychologist, author, and healer
Dr. Xavier Curiel, M.D.
Dr. Francisco Contreras, M.D.
Dr. Henk Franssen, Ph.D
Liliana Partida, C.N.
Dr. Bita Badakhshan, M.D.
Peter Starr, Documentary Filmmaker
Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Ac., Ph.D
Valerie Warwick, R.N.
Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, M.D., D.N.M., Ph.D
Dr. Suzanne Kim, M.D.
Dr. Keith Scott Mumby, M.D., Ph.D
Gemma Hoefkins, Homeopath
Dr. Howard Fisher, D.C.
Dr. Sunil Pai, M.D.
Dr. Boris Grinblat, M.D.
Dr. Felicity Corbin Wheeler, Royal Society of Medicine
Kevin Benkowski, Cancer Conqueror

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