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Scott Hamilton had heard it before: cancer. However, this time was different. “I survived [testicular] cancer in 1997,” said Hamilton, an Olympic gold medal figure skater. “Seven years later I was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor, and then it came back six years later in 2010 and that time they did surgery. “Now it’s […]

A key component of methylating processes that occur within every cell of the human body is the gene MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase). MTHFR acts comparable to a switch turning biological activities off and on in the body. This concept is known as epigenetics and is vastly opposite the old belief that our biological inheritance is unchangeable. […]

My name is Jeffrey and I had Stage III testicular cancer. I was diagnosed Feb. 25, 2009. I had my first surgery to have the cancerous testicle removed on the next day. I went to the local cancer hospital on March 3 to confirm I was cancer-free. That day I was told I had a second […]

The testicles are two egg-shaped glands that sit in the scrotum. They are part of the male reproductive system. Their main functions include making sperm, and testosterone. Sometimes cells in the testicles change or stop growing altogether. Some benign changes of testicular cells include development of teratomas and benign sex cord stromal tumors. Sometimes Testicular […]