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Superfoods are considered nutrient dense food sources with high concentrations of vitamins and minerals with benefits that far exceed their nutrient values for human health. Blue-green algae spirulina is an amazing superfood that historically was among the first life forms on the Earth. Spirulina has amazing survival adaptations and is considered one of the richest […]

WARNING : Users of Black Salve or other escharotics should check the legality of these products in their country or political jurisdiction. Cancer Tutor does NOT currently recommend Black Salve for topical, or any other use at this time. If you decide to use Black Salve, escharotics or any other alternative protocol, they assume all […]

Vitamin c treatment It is theorized that when Vitamin C comes into contact with a skin cancer or external tumor (e.g. basal cell carcinoma), it hardens the tumor and forms a crust, such that the scab falls off in two weeks or so depending on how big the tumor is and how aggressive you get […]