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Essential No. 3 of the 7 Essentials System is about healing your body through balancing your energy. This can be accomplished in so many ways: Chiropractic, acupuncture, Bach Flower remedies, balancing your hormones, restful sleep and moving your body. But what if frequency itself could be the means through which actual cancer cells are destroyed and tumors […]

“Shiftwork that involves circadian disruption is probably carcinogenic to humans.” — IARC, the cancer agency of the World Health Organization In recent news, the International Agency for Research on Cancer issued a statement saying, “shift workers and firefighters have a higher risk of cancer than the general population.” They go on to state that “such […]

While most people have a general idea about what nutritional protocols do for cancer patients, they have no clue what “electromedicine” devices are designed to do. Electromedicine devices fall into one of three categories based on popular alternative oncology theories: 1) They are designed to kill microbes in the bloodstream, lymph system, etc. 2) They […]