About the Rife-Beck Protocol This protocol offers patients three options. The first option takes four hours every day (two, 2-hour sessions). However, there is a one or more hour “rest” between the two, two-hour sessions. The second option takes four hours every other day (plus a “rest” hour or two in between the two, two-hour […]

The theory behind this protocol is based on a combination of two of the fastest acting alternative cancer treatments available. Both the Cellect Protocol and the Budwig Protocol are known to be quickly effective, plus they avoid creating inflammation and swelling. In addition to the two main treatments (Cellect and Budwig), the protocol includes several other […]

Top Five Cardinal Rules for Treating Cancer Naturally 1. Balance natural treatments with traditional medication, if necessary, or desired. 2. Learn what supplements contribute to specific functions and desired outcomes. 3. Your teeth matter! Learn what dental issues should be addressed. 4. Learn about cachexia and how you can manage weight loss and weakness. 5. […]