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Hydrogen water is a new buzzword floating around the health and wellness community. It can be confusing at first because it begs the question: Isn’t hydrogen already in the water? The answer to that question is, yes — all water molecules are made up of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). However, the hydrogen atoms comprising the […]

Molecular hydrogen is a medical gas that has been the subject of medical research for longer than you may have thought. The first publication linking molecular hydrogen and medicinal properties dates to 1798. 1 Nearly 100 years later, in 1888, there was another publication, The Annals of Surgery, that referenced Dr. Nicolas Senn, who was using molecular […]

Cancer is rampant in the United States. The CDC states that 1.5 million individuals are diagnosed with cancer each year and is projected to be 2 million by 2020. 1 Cancer is an extraordinarily complex and irregular group of related diseases. 2 There are more than 100 types of cancer, which makes the subject of cancer and treatments […]

The excitement surrounding molecular hydrogen/hydrogen water and its medical/scientific research is full-blown in Asia (Japan, Korea, China). Since in 2010, the hydrogen industry (relating to hydrogen products or hydrogen water devices) was a zero-dollar industry. Now in 2017, this industry is estimated to be close to $1 billion. 1 The hydrogen industry has absolutely exploded in […]