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In the UK alone, every two seconds somebody Googles ‘depression’. [1] Work-related depression is costing Europe an estimated €617 billion annually. The total was made up of costs to employers resulting from absenteeism and presenteeism (€272 billion), loss of productivity (€242 billion), whereas health care costs are about €63 billion. [2] One of the causes […]

Myeloma is a bone marrow cancer. It affects plasma cells in the bone marrow. As the cancerous plasma cells fill the bone marrow, you are not able to make enough normal blood cells. This can lead to anemia, bleeding problems, and infections. Other symptoms include bone pain, fractures due to bone damage, and kidney damage. Myeloma […]

Conflicts With Other Treatments Do NOT take this protocol if you are on the Budwig Diet (the Vitamin C will interfere with the Budwig Diet). Do NOT take this protocol if you are taking Protocel(R), Entlev(R), Paw Paw, or graviola (including Amazon Factor Protocol). The Vitamin C will interfere with the way these protocols work. […]

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