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Many healthcare systems rely on a mechanistic view of health and how to cure disease. This view developed in the late 19th century with the discoveries of Louis Pasteur. He experimented with pasteurization to prevent spoilage in beer and milk. Pasteur is one of the fathers of germ theory and involved in the development of […]

The answer below is based on experimental data in vitro. As a small molecule inhibitor, 3-BP is more effective and beneficial for the following reasons: First, 3-BP is less toxic and more effective than DCA and 2DOG due to its preferential entry into cancer cells and its capacity to target simultaneously the two major energy production […]

Dayspring Cancer Clinic is one of only a few cancer clinics in the United States currently making available 3-Bromopyruvate (3-BP) to patients with all types of cancer, not just liver cancer. Dayspring has an IRB accepted proposal to make this compound available to patients. In 1931 a German physician/scientist, Dr. Otto Warburg, Ph.D., received a Nobel […]