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Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. diet treatment

How It Works

This treatment is one of the raw food diets. It works by building the immune system or as she puts it “rebuilding the immune system.” By using a complete change in diet, coupled with a long list of “dos” and “don'ts,” she has put together a complete treatment program that consists of 10 commandments that range from a highly nutritious diet all the way to having benevolence for others.

This article will discuss all three of her cancer-related video tapes.

Review of Tape #1: Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore

Dr. Day is a trained orthodox medical doctor who not only taught surgery at a medical school, but was also a high ranking staff member in a major hospital. When she developed breast cancer she had to decide between orthodox treatments and alternative treatments. She did have some surgery, but refused chemotherapy and radiation and turned to alternative medicine. Ultimately she developed a protocol for her own advanced cancer, used it on herself, and completely recovered.

Her journey through the study of the maze of alternative cancer treatments (Tape #2) taught her a great many things, but in the end she developed her own protocol (Tape #3).

In this tape she discusses the massive number of problems with orthodox cancer treatments. Since she is a medical doctor herself she is somewhat gentle on the people in orthodox medicine, but she is not gentle on the treatments they use.

If you, or someone you know, needs to be convinced that alternative medicine is the superior way to go for those who are diagnosed with cancer, this is a tremendous tape. Some people want to hear it from a “real doctor.” Some women who have breast cancer want to hear it from a woman who has had breast cancer. And as a bonus, this was a medical doctor who had breast cancer.

Dr. Day details many of the side-effects of chemotherapy and in the tape she holds up a medical text book which she explains has many pages that detail many more complications of chemotherapy.

She also discusses some of the bad things about radiation treatments, certain types of surgery, certain types of biopsies, the removal of lymph nodes, and many other things.

All in all, this is a superb primer for someone who is not yet fully convinced of the worthlessness of orthodox treatments. It is also a very good introduction to alternative medicine. Yes, she does mention the generally accepted low cure rate of orthodox medicine. She also goes into some of the deceptive statistical tricks used by orthodox medicine.

Her tape would actually be an excellent preparation for my article “Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments,” which goes into many of the things she discusses in much greater detail.
“Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments”

Dr. Day's web site is at:
Dr Day's Website

Review of Tape #2: Sorting Through the Maze of Alternative Medicine

While I like and strongly recommend her first and third tapes (as I number them in this article), I don't like this one. Before I watched this tape, by looking at the title of the tape I was expecting her to end up with a list of alternative cancer treatments that worked and a list of alternative cancer treatments that didn't work.

What the tape actually does is explain the major flaws in every alternative cancer treatment she discusses. While she does find some very good aspects of some of these treatments, in general the conclusion of the tape is that her treatment is far better than any of the others. I suppose we all feel this way (including yours truly), but I didn't like her general approach.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good information in this tape, and she does point out a lot of valid weaknesses in the treatments she discusses, it is the fact that she ends up dismissing all of the treatments that disturbed me.

The other thing that disturbed me about this tape is that there are a lot of very potent alternative cancer treatments, such as the Calcium Protocol, that she does not even mention. In other words, she mentions the older protocols that have been around for quite some time, but not the newer ones, which she may not have known about at the time.

Here is a list of some of the cancer diets/treatments she discusses:
1) Macrobiotic Diet,
2) Ann Frahm,
3) Hallelujah Acres,
4) Ann Wigmore Wheatgrass (she liked this one the best, and her diet is somewhat similar),
5) Budwig,
6) Essiac Tea,
7) Hoxsey Tea,
8) Jason Winters,
9) Pau d' Arco,
10) Chaparral,
11) Shark Cartilage,
12) and many others.

In fact, she tried many of these cancer treatments on herself so she knew first hand that they didn't work in her situation. To be honest, though, I do not think she gave some of the ones she tried on herself a complete enough evaluation.

But above everything else, the biggest problem I had with this tape is her strong condemnation of using supplements with a cancer treatment. I personally do not sell any alternative cancer treatment substances, so I have no bias in saying this: supplements can be absolutely critical in treating many cases of cancer. Perhaps there are a lot of supplements she does not know about, or did not exist when she made her tape, but to strongly condemn the use of any and all supplements is not the right way to do things.

She states that “you can't improve on God,” which I agree with, but God also gave us brains to use. I could give many examples of supplements that simply cannot be replicated with diet, no matter how much you eat.

Review of Tape #3: You Can't Improve on God (her treatment protocol)

This is an absolutely superb tape and an absolutely superb treatment protocol, with one major exception. She lists “Ten Commandments” to follow for her treatment and goes into minute detail about some of these items. If you want to go on her diet/treatment, it is essential to buy her tape and watch it several times, taking copious notes each time.

One thing many people want out of an alternative cancer treatment is a pill they can take and cure their cancer. While there may be a pill that can kill the cancer cells, the cancer cells are really a symptom of a poor diet or some other problem. To “cure” your cancer you must change your diet.

I will go through the “Ten Commandments,” which she also calls the “Garden of Eden” diet.

1) Nutrition

This is the main section of her tape. In it she goes into great detail about what a cancer patient should and should not eat. She also goes into specific drinks (e.g. carrot juice) that should be partaken of.

She pays a lot of attention explaining why a person should not eat meat or poultry or fish. She also provides detailed instructions, such as not to eat fruits and vegetables in the same meal, and why. For copyright reasons, I cannot go into a lot of detail on this item, but rest assured she does go into detail. The two drinks I do want to mention, so people don't think her treatment is nothing but a diet, is 8 glasses of carrot juice a day, with barley green powder mixed in with it.

She also has many warning, such as to not microwave your foods, don't have dental amalgam put in your mouth, don't consume too much protein, etc.

The main thing I don't like about her diet, which is the major exception to its value, is that she has no restrictions on fruits. Most fruits do not contain any major cancer-killing nutrients, but do contain a lot of glucoseA type of sugar; the chief source of energy for living organisms.. Because yeast in the body can convert complex sugars into simple sugars, fruits will feed cancer cells. By comparison, the Robert O. Young diet does not allow ANY fruits except unsweetened lemon juice and unsweetened lime juice.

But even the fruits which do contain a lot of cancer-killing substances, such as purple grapes, are not effective at killing cancer cells in the presence of other high glucose foods. Purple grapes, in order to be effective in treating cancer, must not be consumed with ANY OTHER food. The Brandt Grape Cure is a “juice fast,” meaning no foods are consumed except certain types of grapes.

2) Exercise

She gives a lot of good reasons to exercise, such as reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, etc. In later items she also gives very good reasons to exercise outdoors.

3) Water

In this section she discusses all the physical and emotional problems that can result from not drinking enough water. To compound these problems, the symptoms of dehydration (i.e. not drinking enough water) frequently lead a person to misdiagnose their problem.

4) Sunlight

She does a good job explaining why sunlight prevents cancer rather than causes cancer. The importance of sunlight is far more significant than most people realize. An item below is fresh air, thus she mentions that three items can be accomplished at the same time if you exercise outdoors (exercise, sunlight and fresh air).

5) Temperance (i.e. Abstinence)

In this section she gives a long list of things to avoid. These include coffee, sugar (she has a lot to say about sugar), alcohol, caffeine in general, etc. She notes that 70 cups of coffee is a fatal dose of coffee.

6) Air (i.e. Being Outdoors)

While this item is more than just being outdoors, the general direction is to get people outdoors or at least to open windows when you can. Her main discussion is about positive and negative ions.

7) Rest (i.e. Sleep)

She makes some good points that a person should go to bed with the sun. While this might be impossible in some cases, her point is to not stay up too late because the body follows the sun's cycles.

8) Trust in God

This discussion is in trusting God's wisdom (i.e. his foods) rather than man's wisdom. She also discusses prayer and its importance.

9) An Attitude of Gratitude

In this section she talks about the problems of being exposed to negative situations, such as watching the always depressing T.V. news. She talks about giving up anger, thinking good thoughts, and so on.

10) Benevolence

She talks about helping others and praying for others.

Supercharging This Treatment

This is a superb treatment she has put together. I would rank it as a “strong” Stage III treatment. However, I do not think it works fast enough for someone who has had orthodox treatments and has been sent home to die. These people have virtually zero immune system, may have cachexiaWeakness and wasting of the body due to severe chronic illness, also known as Wasting Syndrome, is a sign of diseases, such as advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), AIDS, cancer, or heart failure., etc. and need a lot of potent and fast acting supplements to get them over the hump of the damage done by orthodox medicine.

I also do not think it works fast enough for those with certain types of cancer (e.g. pancreatic), fast growing cancers and some brain cancers.

However, her treatment can be supercharged, even for those who do use it. For example, her carrot juice could be supercharged with beet juice and cabbage juice, which also contain strong anti-cancer nutrients. Other vegetables could also be added. But the juice should remain dominated by carrot juice.

There are many supplements that could be added to this treatment, such as the Calcium Protocol, Protocel, Vibe, etc. In short, I would not hesitate to have this treatment replace the “cancer diet” discussed on this web site and to be considered one of the “strong” Stage III treatments. See:
Treatment For Stage III Cancer Patients

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