• Heal Your Self

    Heal Your Self

    Norm Hacker
    Heal Your Self speaks to some of the greatest authorities on health today. They speak directly to the viewer, breaking down the major steps that affect your health. Topics include: food and nutrition, emotional and environmental stresses, the power of the mind, self-education, meditation, love - plus, practical steps you can take to start to restore your health.
  • The Power of the Mind to Heal

    The Power of the Mind to Heal

    Joan Z. Borysenko
    We heal by becoming truly ourselves, by discovering our wholeness. The Power of the Mind to Heal presents transformative methods for overcoming negative patterns and finding the higher self. Dr. Borysenko illustrates practical reasons for practicing forgiveness with yourself & others, and healing your life with love.
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    Unexpected Recoveries: Seven Steps to Healing Bod...

    Unexpected Recoveries: Seven Steps to Healing Body, Mind, & Soul When Serious Illness Strikes

    Tom Monte
    ISBN: 978-0312262624
    Unexpected Recoveries is a holistic wellness guide for those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or medical condition. While doctors may not able to offer a cure for these illnesses, patients are able to take steps towards healing their bodies and minds. Author Tom Monte combines modern medical know-how, ancient healing practices, and macrobiotic dietary guidelines in order to provide a comprehensive and inspiring guidebook for healing. Rather than concentrating on a specific disease, Monte's Seven Step program can help people suffering from: cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, chronic pain conditions, Crohns disease, degenerative bone conditions, and more. This is a powerful book that offers hope, purpose, and a proactive plan to those who are seriously ill.

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