Cancer survivor Hermon Ash shares his incredible story of overcoming the odds to beat cancer naturally

Cowboys have a treasured place in the fabric of America. Known for their tenacity in the face of obstacles, cowboys — like cancer survivor Hermon Ash — have the reputation of making good things happen when the chips are down.

Hermon bluntly tells his story of working through a morass of red tape. And from that struggle came the determination to not only fight his cancer — but to also become a voice and an advocate for those also struggling with cancer.

“My healing began with a doctor who took interest in healing me,” Hermon said of the treatment he received from Dr. Carlos Garcia of Utopia Wellness. “Now, I didn't follow his direction 100 percent. And Dr. Garcia knew it. He told me it was a simple choice: Follow the treatment or not.”

Ultimately, Hermon got on board. He made the commitment to beating cancer. And he survived. Hermon's story is one that many can relate to. And surviving cancer is how the cowboy rides away.