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Why I got involved in cancer research

The Beginning of the Journey

Surprisingly enough, the journey that led to this website began at a telecommunications company.

Prior to my current job I worked for eight years at a major telecommunications company in Overland Park, Kansas. While there, because of my mathematics background, I got involved in a research project trying to figure out what was causing a problem in fiber optics known as “wander and jitter.” During the several months, I was involved in doing experiments, I made a major discovery in physics.

As a result of that discovery, I started looking at other experiments to see if my data and conclusions were consistent with other experiments. They were, and I started writing about the discovery.

My discovery, by definition, categorized me as a “renegade,” since I had discovered that two of Einstein's cherished theories were false. While my interest was in truth, not becoming a renegade, once you challenge Einstein you are branded a renegade for life.

This put me in touch with other “renegades” (who were actually doing nothing but thinking “outside the box,” which all academia pretends to endorse, but in fact, they persecute all those who really do it) and I started learning about experiments that I had never heard of before.

More importantly, because of my exposure to other renegades, I learned of many events where the Department of Energy and the patent office were doing everything in their power to suppress the truth about both physics and energy.

I learned that the Department of Energy and patent office were totally controlled by corporate energy interests, such as the oil companies. Discovery after discovery had been legally, or illegally if necessary, suppressed.

Also, one of my associates who was working with me on my experiments came up to me and told me of an experience one of his uncles had had. He had been involved in a major experiment at a huge electronics company. They made an incredible discovery and when the Department of Energy found out about it, they shut the experiment down, confiscated the computers and forced everyone involved with the experiment to sign a document that would land them in jail if they ever talked about it. I just happened to know the nephew of one of the scientists.

This was my first exposure to the corruption in government agencies and the real reason government agencies are formed in the first place (i.e. to give large corporations police powers).

My Introduction to Alternative Medicine

Sometime around January 2002, I went to the doctor mainly for a routine checkup, since I knew I was about to lose my medical coverage. As I was getting ready to leave he handed me a totally unexpected prescription for hypertension. I took it and got the prescription. However, I did not like taking prescription drugs in general, and specifically, I did not like some of the side effects of the drug he prescribed.

While in Germany with the U.S. Army a few months later, I had some free time so I started searching the Internet for natural treatments for hypertension. I found several. However, I also found out that my doctor had made three mistakes in prescribing the medication he did.

While researching natural treatments for hypertension, I came across one or more websites that mentioned alternative cancer treatments. This surprised me because I had never heard of alternative cancer treatments. Even though I did not have cancer, and none of my close relatives had ever had cancer, I was intrigued.

Over the next few months, I continued to do a modest amount of research on alternative cancer treatments, not really having any goal in mind other than curiosity.

During this time I went back and forth wondering whether orthodox cancer treatments or alternative cancer treatments were better or whether alternative cancer treatments were effective at all.

While doing this research, I came across a book by Dr. Philip E. Binzel, MD called: Alive and Well. The very first chapter of this book talked about one of his experiences with the Food and Drug Administration. After reading two chapters of his book I knew, beyond any doubt, that alternative cancer treatments were superior to orthodox cancer treatments.

How did I know? Because I saw exactly the same behavior and corruption in the FDA that I had seen in the Department of Energy – namely the suppression of truth to enhance the profits of big corporations. Why would they need to suppress something if it were not true?

It was perfectly clear to me that yet another government agency was suppressing truth and superior technology for the sake of corporate profits (and their own personal profits in the form of bribery, “outside consulting” and a cushy job when they quit the government).

My subsequent research has clearly demonstrated to me that these logical conclusions were warranted.

So why did I start this website? I was born and raised to live the Golden Rule. It is built into me. When I realized that alternative cancer treatments were superior to orthodox treatments, and especially when I learned about corruption in our own government, being an ex-Marine and Viet Nam veteran, I could not sit still. I am still not sitting still.

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