Pet Cancer Sites

The intent in this article is to point the reader to those who have pet cancer expertise.

We have collected a few web sites that discuss and specialize in pet cancer alternative treatments. Also, we have received other links from those who have been so kind as to share them.

First of all, there is a Yahoo forum for pet health:
Yahoo Group for Pet Health

Another cancer treatment that we have noticed that is frequently used with pets is Essiac Tea. Here is an article, with vendors, for Essiac Tea:

Essiac Tea Article

The Dirt Cheap Protocol, the most commonly used cancer treatment for humans on this website, can also be used for pets. Honey is perfectly safe for dogs, but it is up to the reader to determine the safety of individual products for specific types of pets. For pets, weI would suggest between 6 and 10 of the items, with doses adjusted for weight.

One final note. we do NOT recommend the Breuss cancer treatment for pets. The laws of biology would state that it would still take 42 days for the treatment to work for pets like it does for humans. However, pets should not be put on a 42-day fast.

Tumors In Pets – The Kelmun Protocol (Cancer Also)

The Kelmun Protocol (baking soda and maple syrup) has done very well at shrinking tumors. It is both a highly alkaline protocol and it contains a “trojan horse” (maple syrup) to allow the baking soda to target cancer cells.

The dose of baking soda should be 1 TEAspoon for pets over 60 pounds and for pets less than 60 pounds a proportionately lower dose.

It should be combined with juicing (e.g. carrot juice with a tablespoon of beet juice) and “green drinks” and hopefully an electromedicine protocol, such as the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier (which does not need “skin” to make a connection).

Also, see the “Dirt Cheap Protocol” for more ideas to add to the Kelmun Protocol:
Dirt Cheap Protocol

Also, see the “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” article.

Pet Cancer Site (Primarily for Dogs)

Tony Isaacs has a website for pet cancer. He does NOT recommend oleander products because they are too hard on their digestive tracts.

What he does use is inositol/IP6, colloidal silver, etc.

Here is his website
The Best Years in Life Website

Here are some excellent general sites: (see Essiac Tea warning)

This site links to other sites for pet cancer issues.

Here are some links to discussion groups:

This is the feline-cancer holistic support group of Jim Hale, where there are a lot of other useful links

A ‘general' feline-cancer support group, where alternative approaches are discussed

A group meant for people who have to deal with mammary cancer in their cat.