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    I'd really appreciate if you can give me some feedback on my questions.
    I have endometrial cancer stage 1. I follow a healthy diet (Dirt cheap protocol) and I have add the kelmun protocol. Few questions came up:
    1. Do I take the Baking soda/maple syrup mixture on empty stomach first thing in the morning? I understand that there needs to be a gap of at leased 20 min. between each portion but I wasn't quite sure about when to start.
    2. Does it make a difference if I use baking soda or sodium bicarbonate to add to the maple syrup?
    3. Can I drink a glass of water after taking the mixture? Or should I wait before drinking water and if yes, for how long?

    After I took the mixture for 3 days (3 portions a day, which I spread out during the day), the next day, the 4th day, instead of taking the BS/Maple syrup mixture I took 1 tea spoon of wheat grass powder, juice of 1/2 lemon in a glass of water (I had been travelling and couldn't get the BS/Maple syrup mixture) first thing in the morning. After that I got nausea, had headaches, needed to vomit and slept for 24hrs. The following day I was back to normal.
    After this experience, I have taken a break from the BS/Maple syrup protocol.
    My day of feeling unwell could have been also down to exhaustion rather than the Kelmun protocol …???
    I would really like to hear about your experience or your thoughts around it.

    Kind regards
    Nuro :o)

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