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The fungus, yeast, mold connection to cancer

We have studied more than 300 different alternative cancer treatments as well as dozens of different theories about why various alternative treatments work. But what is the thread that ties all of these treatments together?

Solving the cancer issue is like a puzzle. You hear many things, but it is sometimes difficult to put the pieces together. For example, several of the key alternative doctors, such as Royal Rife, Hulda Clark, Virginia Livingston, and many others, all claimed that cancer is caused by a micro-organism. That sounds good, but what is that micro-organism? And even if there is a micro-organism, is it a cause of cancer or merely a harmless symptom of cancer or a laboratory contaminant?

Another common theory is alkalinity. Why is alkalinity so good for cancer treatments?

You also see articles on diet, such as not to eat meat. You see articles to avoid certain other foods as well.

Many of the best cancer treatments, such as Gerson and Moerman, were developed largely by trial and error. Yet the diets these people put together are almost identical to the best cancer diets designed today.

So what is the “glue” that links all of these things together?

Some time ago we came across an article, quite by accident which started a chain reaction that allowed piece after piece of the cancer puzzle to start to be put together. Major pieces of the puzzle were bridged and seemingly independent theories and discoveries suddenly were related to each other.

That “glue” was a better understanding of alkalinity, fungi, molds and yeasts. For example, in Dr. Gerson's book on cancer, he stated that when cancer patients came to him he noticed that several diseases were common to his cancer patients. He stated: “I found cancer frequently combined with chronic osteoarthritis, high or low blood pressure, chronic sinus trouble, or other chronic infections …” Page 40

So what is so special about this list? First of all, chronic sinusitis is caused by a fungus. Even orthodox medicine admits that. Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory disease. The foods most suspected of creating this inflammation are rich in fungi, molds and yeasts. The natural foods used to treat or prevent hypertension are very similar to the natural foods used to treat or prevent cancer, meaning these two diseases have something in common. Furthermore, these two diseases have many of the same causes, such as tobacco, which is loaded with fungi and yeasts.

The point is that there is some common link to cancer and the list of diseases Dr. Gerson noticed are common in his cancer patients.

The Articles

Here are some superb articles that will get you thinking that in fact there is a connection between these things and cancer:

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We mention these articles because of such things as grains (e.g. flour raised with yeast) and fruit juices, such as orange juice (but not grape juice), and nuts, especially cashews. They are on the Raw Food diet and our tutorial as being OK. However, if the fungi/mold/yeast theory of cancer is valid, we should be treating the fungus/mold/yeast AT THE SAME TIME we are treating the cancer. We should also be treating the acidity (generally using diet), which allows these things to thrive.

The Books

The books recommended for studying are the following: