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Alzheimer's and Dementia

Other Health Conditions

An overview of Alzheimer's and dementia including examples of natural treatments.

MSM and Vitamin C


This is an article on using the Robert Barefoot protocol for using cesium chloride, potassium, etc. in treating cancer.

Oleander (OPC) For AIDS

Other Health Conditions

Explores the use of Oleander as a treatment for AIDS.

Natural treatments for AIDS / HIV…

Other Health Conditions

Who can you trust? On Friday, November 30, 2012, the Kansas City Star, page A12, had the headline: U.S. Lists…

Preventing and Treating the Flu

Other Health Conditions

Information on natural and alternative treatments for preventing and fighting the flu.

Herxheimers and natural medicine


Herxheimers is essentially another name for "brain fog." Herxheimers is caused by killing massive numbers of microbes in the body in a short period of time.

Keep your brain alive - Part 1

Other Health Conditions

Part 1 of an ebook that explores natural treatments for Alzheimer's and dementia.

An Email from an M.D.


This is an email from Dr. William Wassell, M.D., to a fellow radiologist who had published an article in a medical journal. It details the sad state of affairs in the medical community.

The cause and treatment of autism


An overview of the possible causes of autism and includes ideas for natural treatments.

Aging Resources

Other Health Conditions

A collection of links to resources for aging and elderly.

Related Issues


Links to information on artificial sweeteners.

Muptiple Sclerosis


Describes different ideas on MS and suggests specific alternative treatments.

Recent Articles

Dengue fever treatments

Dengue Fever There are several problems when dealing with Dengue Fever, which comes from a virus which is spread by mosquitoes. First, it spreads very quickly and is highly fatal Second, many cases of Dengue…

5 steps to heal leaky gut

On day one of the much-anticipated Heal Your Gut summit, Dr. Josh Axe said his own journey to understanding the central role of gut health (and dangers of leaky gut) in overall wellness began with…

Help and support for seniors and invalids

Here are links to a number of articles related to aging which we received from: Home Remodeling and Other Services for the Elderly and/or Disabled Staying Healthy Over 50: Falls and Older Adults:…

Comments on Ebola

Ebola – The four big questions When dealing with a potentially fatal disease, the most important questions are: 1) Am I at risk for getting Ebola? 2) How does it spread? 3) Are there supplements…

How to recover from colds / flu in three hours

Link to article as posted on By Dr. James Howenstine November 2, 2004 The Nutramedix Company of Jupiter, Florida has created a novel Noni juice concentrate which is devoid of the unpleasant taste…

Natural treatment for type I diabetes

Introduction To The Treatment For Type 1 Diabetes Let me start by saying: the damage done by Type 1 Diabetes can be completely stopped and the patient can completely get off of all of their…

Lyme Disease – Natural treatments

Lyme Disease is caused by ticks. It can  be categorized as a vector borne disease.  Most people think that Lyme Disease (aka ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lyme borreliosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is not contagious. This…

Dealing with a stroke victim

Introduction to Strokes There are basically three kinds of strokes: 1) Ischemic Strokes (blood clot or other obstruction, heart failure causes low blood flow, etc.) 2) Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) (mini-stroke, blocks artery for short…

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