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Article #3: Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for many centuries as an anti-microbial substance. Colloidal silver is an excellent product which can be taken internally to kill microbes in the body. It is a key part of the four parts of the complete Bob Beck Protocol.

One of the concerns about taking colloidal silver is a skin condition called argyria. Argyria is a condition where the skin turns grey or blue-grey. It is a real condition and it is difficult to reverse, but it is not caused by pure colloidal silver.

Let us define “colloidal silver” as: a solution made with pure silver wires (e.g. at least 99.95 percent pure silver), mixed with pure distilled water, and absolutely nothing is added to the water (i.e. no salt, no minerals, no nothing).

With this definition of colloidal silver, argyria is not possible. Argyria is caused by using silver compounds (meaning non-silver molecules are mixed with the silver or something is mixed with the water). Essentially argyria is caused by impurities in the mixture.

If a silver compound is called “colloidal silver,” the vendor doesn't know what they are doing and probably doesn't care. The problem is with poor vendors, not with true and pure colloidal silver. That is one major reason to make it yourself.

It is essential to use distilled water, distilled by water distillation, when making colloidal silver. Do NOT add salt or minerals to the water or it may cause the skin discoloration. When the colloidal silver is made, if it is not consumed immediately (as soon as it cools down), it should be stored in a dark colored glass bottle and the glass bottle or jar must be stored in a dark place (but do NOT refrigerate it). Silver will chemically react to light (technically it is more complicated than that).

NEVER, NEVER get your silver from a jeweler because their sterling silver has nickel and copper added to it. Using sterling silver can cause serious health problems. Silver nitrate and silver chloride should obviously be avoided since neither are pure silver.

However, a high-quality silver nitrate or silver chloride can be used for short periods of time for special situations. For longer periods they can be used but only at low doses (i.e. the vendor should know the safe maximum doses).

You can take the colloidal silver at any time of the day, except during the times you are taking the two electromedicine treatments (i.e. the blood purifier and the magnetic pulser).

To be more specific, you can take colloidal silver any time EXCEPT the time period of two hours BEFORE until 15 minutes AFTER the two electromedicine treatments.

In other words, do not take colloidal silver within two hours of starting the electromedicine treatments, do not take it during the electromedicine treatments and do not take it for 15 minutes after the electromedicine treatments.

It is not dangerous to take colloidal silver during the time excluded, but more of the silver will be utilized where it is needed if you do not take the colloidal silver during the electromedicine treatments.

Making colloidal silver at home

When you buy the blood purifier, it generally comes with a colloidal silver maker built in. However, this is a very slow way to make colloidal silver because it only uses one 9-volt battery.

Bob Beck describes a technique that uses three 9-volt batteries in series. However, this too is a slow and cumbersome method.

In an article on this website a method is described which makes 1 gallon of approximately 6 PPM to 8 PPM colloidal silver in about an hour and a half.

The importance of this method is highlighted by the length of time and energy needed to use the Blood Purifier and Magnetic Pulser. Considering the time and effort needed daily for these two items, it is better to only have to make colloidal silver once every few days.

This article can be found at:
How To Make Colloidal Silver At Home

Commercial brands

There are many brands of colloidal silver. Three brands, as far as I know, are the best. First, is ASAP Plus, which is 22 ppm. Do not be deceived by the low ppm of this product, it is a superb protocol.

Second, are two brands which are based on the same technology: Utopia Silver and MesoSilver. Both of these are highly recommended

None of these 3 brands can be made at home, but they are fairly expensive when used at therapeutic doses.

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