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Mary Swander’s first meeting with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was quick. After sending him scant medical records – they did not “amount to anything,” Mary admitted – she boarded a plane and flew to his office in New York. Dr. Gonzalez met Mary in the waiting room and immediately said the source of her problems was […]

Remember when you were a toddler, seeing a tricycle for the first time? Then you laid eyes on a bike (and couldn’t wait to get the training wheels off). How many childhood adventures began by grabbing the handlebars and pushing the pedals? And now, as an adult – cycling again can be your getaway. Healthcare […]

Financial toxicity is a growing concern for people who have been diagnosed with cancer and the fiscal reality of paying for treatment.

“Get your blood pumping!” The sentiment goes hand-in-glove with putting your body in motion. For cancer patients, especially those using chemotherapy and radiation, improved cardio could be a factor in an improved quality of life. We have discussed the health benefits of walking, water exercises, rebounding, and yoga for cancer patients. Beyond that, there is […]

If you’re a cancer patient or cancer survivor looking for a low-impact way to get your body moving, water exercises may be the solution. Unlike more strenuous workouts, water aerobics do not strain your muscles or joints. And as we’ll explain, water has a therapeutic way of refreshing your mind and reduces stress and anxiety. […]

What if instead of reaching for your coffee maker for your morning cup o’ joe, you fired up a juicer to make a nutrient-dense drink? Juicing has gotten a lot of attention in the past decade with every other celebrity and influencer touting their juicing cleanses and their “expertise.” You can even find stores that […]

Imagine if everyone in Chula Vista, Calif., developed breast cancer this year. For perspective, that’s the 15th largest city in California and 75th largest in the United States. … In 2020, an estimated 276,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women – possibly your mom, wife, aunt, sister, or […]

Stories abound of celebrities who turn to alternative and complementary treatments for any number of ailments. Best-known are those among the rich and famous who have faced a cancer diagnosis and chose treatment beyond the pale of conventional medicine.  Among those who have tried alternative protocols include actors, presidents, and technology geniuses. As with any […]

It’s 3 a.m., you’re wide awake, and counting the hours until you have to get out of bed. Your mind is racing, contemplating, tossing, turning. You’re hot and cold at the same time. You have a million and one things to do, but you just want to go back to sleep. We’ve all been there, […]

Imagine waking up in your cave ready to carpe diem – seize the day. After all, you never know when that pesky saber-tooth tiger living next door is finally going to be the death of you. But it’s time to catch fresh salmon for breakfast and forage for berries to complement the meal. We know […]