‘I was able to cure my cancer in 12 days’

Just wanted to email you and thank you for a simply wonderful, thorough, and informative website!

Using the information I was able to cure my cancer in 12 days using baking soda and a plant-based diet while cutting out meat, dairy, alcohol, and all sugars.

I saw my oncologist yesterday to officially cancel my appointment for more brachytherapy and this was her reaction to my PSA drop from 5.29 to 0.65 in 4 weeks!

She was very impressed and confirmed that with current PSA level of less than 2 and two consecutive massive drops that equals no detectable cancer in the prostate.

She said the only sure way to tell is another biopsy but with the presence of cancer would be so small it would be unlikely to show any cancer from the 12 samples they would collect and even if it did show anything the massive progression of PSA downward would mean it was insignificant anyhow and clearly reducing.

When she saw the blood results dropped 5.29 to 1.73 to 0.65, her eyebrows went skyward and she exclaimed, “It's a miracle.” I went on to explain about the lifestyle changes and she began to make notes about everything on her computer, rapidly typing all the detail of what I did.

She immediately wrote her email down and said, “Please promise to send this to me; it is very important!”

She finished by asking me to return on the 10th of November with another PSA test taken a week previously from the doctor and said that she will watch the video (she speaks perfect English). She also said she would discuss my case with all her oncologist buddies — especially the way that diet plays no part in their current advice.

So, all in all, a very positive visit and I was amazed at the eagerness the information and results were enthusiastically received. She said she is looking forward to my next PSA result — and I said that makes two of us!

— Andy Harrell