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Nicholas Gonzalez, MD saw a viable relationship between orthodox oncology and natural medicine. He understood there is not a one-size-fits-all diet. His research and clinical work of nearly 30 years shine a light on how nutrition, proteolytic (pancreatic) enzymes and detoxification were vital components of a scientifically-proven holistic approach to treating cancer and other degenerative […]

More than 50 years ago, medical therapeutic approaches focused on metabolism. With the advent of genetics, a shift toward genomics occurred that has dominated the landscape of modern medicine. This gave us vast insight into the study of medicine and the human genome, however, it has not produced the answers or solutions that we had […]

You probably have never heard that in the middle of every cancer cell there are cancer stem cells, and they are very difficult to annihilate. In fact, many scientists are now concluding that the reason cancers come back even after intensive chemotherapy and radiation is because they have not been able to destroy the cancer stem […]

In the UK alone, every two seconds somebody Googles ‘depression’. [1] Work-related depression is costing Europe an estimated €617 billion annually. The total was made up of costs to employers resulting from absenteeism and presenteeism (€272 billion), loss of productivity (€242 billion), whereas health care costs are about €63 billion. [2] One of the causes […]

As the Budwig diet is a food-based approach, there is no conflict with chemotherapy and/or most allopathic medicine. If you decide to do chemotherapy, then we strongly advise you to combine it with the Budwig Protocol to help reduce the side effects and support the immune system which will be greatly compromised. Some foods and […]

The Budwig Protocol includes pure essential oils because numerous clinical studies have shown these to be extremely beneficial in your cancer healing journey. Several studies have shown that essential oils such as frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) have the potential to treat brain, breast, colon, pancreatic, prostate, and stomach cancers. Myrrh essential oil was able to reduce […]

Dr. Johanna Budwig favored natural herbs and spices in her Budwig protocol. One of the main spices that can help reverse not only cancer but many other chronic health conditions is curcumin (turmeric).  More and more healthcare professionals are discovering the many healing properties of it and currently there are more than 10,000 peer-reviewed articles […]

You are a motivated patient, you have found a great doctor, and you have what you feel is a perfect protocol to treat your cancer. Motivated to do everything exactly right, you have your grocery list ready to go and your supplements organized into daily doses. This is going to be great! Just one week […]

You have made the decision to address your cancer naturally. Now, what is the next step? First off, remember everyone is different. What works for a 7-foot-tall African American basketball star will probably not work for a 5-foot-tall woman from Tibet. What works for you may not work for a family member. This is known […]

The Unlimited Power Protocol is based on the theory that some cancers are caused by microbes and that targeting of these microbes inside the cancer cell will cause reversion to a normal cell. Alkaline Items This protocol utilizes alkaline dietary items based on the premise that an environment with a high pH is not favorable […]

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