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This cancer protocol had a 93% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients, even including pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. How could it be that successful? The core is the use of Dr. Kelley’s proprietary formula of enzymes.

His son, John Kelley, is still making them in the same way as his father. Dr. Kelley talked of the pancreas as being one of the main organs in defense of cancer. Why would he say that? The pancreas works with the liver to regulate insulin (a hormone) and it produces many enzymes (over 30) and some of them dissolve protein, such as those on the outside of cancer cells.

Dr. Kelley learned this perspective from the famous embryologist John Beard. The Scottish embryologist, John Beard, who worked at the University of Edinburgh at the turn of the century, first proposed in 1906 that pancreatic proteolytic enzymes, in addition to their well-known digestive function, represent the body’s main defense against cancer.

Dr. Kelley, and John Beard before him, believed to defeat cancer you don’t create some new method of defense that does not mimic the human body, you create a method of defense that acts LIKE the human body, and the body uses pancreatic proteolytic enzymes in the natural fight against cancer.

What makes enzymes function well in the body are trace minerals and hormone balance, so Dr. Kelley provided support for both in his program? Dr. Kelley always said you have to bring the body back to homeostasis; that does not entail large dosages of strange items being put into the body. What does he mean by that?

High dose vitamin C can disrupt enzyme function. That is why Dr. Kelley did not use high dose vitamin C. He did believe the body needed plant enzyme function, so he endorsed and recommended high dose juicing of specific vegetable combinations, and he worked to rebuild the glandular function of the body with glandular supplements, until the body could provide its own glandular support.

Dr. Kelley saw a close correlation between diabetes and cancer and treated both in a similar fashion. Anyone who came to Dr. Kelley with cancer often had diabetes, and both were cured with his program. Dr. Kelley believed you had to detox very aggressively. He believed you could not aggressively kill cancer cells in a body already full of toxins or you contributed to a state of cachexia.

So part of his program was an aggressive detox program, done in sequence, very carefully. He said you should wait six months before doing a gallbladder flush or you may put a patient into a healing crisis they cannot handle. More about his program to handle and reverse cachexia later. (Cachexia is a condition that defeats 67% of all cancer patients so it is a force with which to be reckoned.) Kelley Metabolic Program is designed to prevent and reverse cachexia.

Important Warning

The Kelley Protocol is not just taking enzymes but is a complete program that evaluates all aspects of a body with metastatic disease like cancer. A cancer protocol can be found and coordinated by Michael J. Rankin at the Kelley Metabolic Center, Inc. They not only supply the enzymes but have protocols to stop tumor growth and open tumors to the immune system. They are experts at creating a diet for each metabolic type.

Not all diets are the same for all metabolic types. Some people will die on a vegan diet and some need a higher protein program, but this must be determined. Some try the Budwig diet and have an allergy to the cottage cheese which suppresses the immune system; a metabolic evaluation and typing can determine this, which can be done by the Kelley Metabolic Center.

Here is the recommended vendor of where to purchase the Kelley enzymes; they know which ones to use and how to incorporate the enzymes without risk:

Kelley Metabolic Center, Inc. (Michael J. Rankin)

Why would it be important to use the Cellect-Budwig protocol? It should be clearly understood that the 93% cure rate of Dr. Kelley was on cancer patients who have been managed by someone trained in the Kelley Metabolic Program, not just taking enzymes. Typically, the cure rate on cancer patients who have had significant chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is only half of the cure rate for newly diagnosed cancer patients if you do not deal with a center like the one mentioned herein where they can help you detox from radiation and chemotherapy!!

That is why the Kelley Protocol must be part of a complete protocol or as a minimum the patient should work with an expert in the Kelley Protocol, which includes proper diet for a metabolic type, testing for food choices, proper testing for nutrient levels by blood, or stool, or saliva.

Guessing about the progress or process of any given program is deadly. We recommend you use the testing found at Testing Cancer whose web page is It is the most accurate and sensitive test available today. It can tell you the level of cancer, the activity of tumors, and if your body is allowing metastasis to occur without the risk of PET or CAT scans which can cause cancer to grow.

Fast growing tumors can double in size every 90 days and the Kelley Metabolic Center can help you determine what type or level of aggression you have in your body. We do not recommend the Navarro test for it has been found to be grossly inadequate and in many cases horribly inaccurate.

This is not to say that the Kelley Protocol, by itself, is not a powerful protocol, only that most of the experts will add things to it for specific reasons. Most natural cancer treatments designed by experts include multiple cancer treatments that are synergistic, but any one of the protocols can cure cancer by itself.

Metabolic Therapy

The body is a complicated metabolic complex of actions that cannot be ignored when choosing a program for healing. Dr. Kelley found that a person’s metabolic type and cancer type affected how he would treat them. In other words, should the body be kept acidic or if they should be made more alkaline.

So Dr. Kelley made the core of the Kelley program metabolic typing combined with the use of very powerful enzymes with proprietary ingredients. He supplied elements that boosted the immune system, added ingredients that supported proper digestion, healing of the gut, juicing to support the immune and body function, and managed the glandular and hormone system, while detoxing of the key organs and the body in general.

Dr. Kelley knew, based on John Beard’s work, the enzymes used for cancer must mimic the enzymes the body was originally designed to use to defeat cancer, and that is not plant-based based enzymes.

There are no stronger enzymes than the enzymes made with the same, proprietary formula as made by Dr. Kelley. There are many enzymes made to mimic or just take advantage of the word “enzyme therapy” that are too weak to be effective, or enzymes from cows that are the same type of enzymes. The lay public can be easily fooled if they don’t know how to measure or obtain the assay of the enzymes they are buying. It is best to trust those designed by and made by the Kelley family.

The body is saturated with pancreatic proteolytic enzymes that work to dissolve the cancer cells; these enzymes cannot come from a cow, or a sheep, or a goat, but must come from an animal that can break down protein like that covering the cancer cell. The cheaper food grade or low assay enzymes that come from cows, etc. are inexpensive and help to break down a salad, but are not good for cancer.

If you used them the price of the enzyme appears to be low but you have to use 100 times the number of capsules to have any affect on the body, and it still does not affect cancer cells. They cannot be enteric coated or they do not work at the correct time. Neither Dr. Gonzales today, nor Dr. Kelley before him, used enteric coated enzymes.


They found the enteric coating was not only unnecessary, but negatively affected their use and timing of use in the human body. Pancreatic proteolytic enzymes, made properly, do not get damaged by stomach acid; this is a false assumption has been disproven by research where the same Kelley enzymes were boiled in stomach acid with no affect.

No program, but the Kelley Program, is based on the high dosages of Kelley proteolytic enzymes developed and still manufactured by Dr. Kelley’s formula. Dr. Kelley believed these “Kelley original enzymes” added to any protocol would make any program more effective if the use of them was supported like Dr. Kelley did with other enzyme support, immune support and hormone management.

Remember, Dr. Kelley taught us that estrogen hormones promote cancer and is elevated in most cancer patients.

To defeat cancer is a tricky and complicated process. It helps a great deal to get advice from those familiar with the program and who have used the program. The professionals at have had 28 years of work with Dr. Kelley’s program, and have staff members who were trained by Dr. Kelley.

Dr. Nick Gonzalez learned of the success of the program by reviewing thousands of Dr. Kelley’s patient records. After working with and studying with Dr. Kelley for 5 years, he returned to New York and created his own program designed like Dr. Kelley. Dr. Gonzalez uses the Dr. Kelley program to cure cancer to this day including stage four cancers of all kinds, including pancreatic and liver cancer.

Dr. Nick Gonzalez wrote about his review of Dr. Kelley’s work and thousands of Dr. Kelley’s patients in his book “One Man Alone”. They were also in Dr. Kelley’s book “Curing the Incurable”. If these programs can help people heal from these “incurable” cancers, you can imagine what it will do for any other forms of cancer. Talk to Michael J. Rankin about this book and Dr. Kelley’s program.

DETOX WARNING: If you are an advanced cancer patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery it is essential that you work with a practitioner who knows how to heal the body with a safe detox, especially healing the gut, and who knows how to work WITH your metabolic type, and uses the combinations found in the “Kelley” program.

You cannot just take high dosages of some healing product without knowing the devastating implications of dumping more toxins into the clogged cleansing system of the body. If the cleansing system of the body were functioning well you would not have a problem, and you would not have pain. Pain in any patient must be dealt with using some system other than drugs, which further toxifies the body and feeds cancer cells.

A link for a non-toxic program for pain will be found in the links at the bottom of the article.
Why is the metabolic part of Dr. Kelley’s program so important? Dr. Kelley believed a body brought back to homeostasis is a body that would heal. What does this mean?

Measuring pH: It is NOT sufficient to know the pH of the saliva and urine. Measurement of these numbers can be a deadly and misleading if you try to use this benchmark to monitor the effectiveness of any program, without knowing the pH of the blood, and you must know how to the pH of the blood to monitor a program correctly.

Many cancers should be managed with the pH more acidic, and some with the pH more alkaline. If your body is metabolically acid and your try a program like the Gerson program, you may become depressed and loose a great deal of weight and risk cachexia because you are an acid type.

If you have a soft tumor like leukemia, lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sarcoma, and multiple myeloma, for example, and keep the body too alkaline, you will not thrive or survive. Remember, It is not urine or saliva pH alone that is important, but the addition of blood pH. Measuring only urine or saliva is very misleading and only tells you about your urine or saliva pH not your blood.

The Kelley Metabolic office can help arrange an inexpensive blood test for your pH. The Kelley program tests with ratios and blood pH. They also test with the CaProfile test at to monitor the patient progress. They do not recommend the Navarro test. It has not proved accurate or reliable.

Healing The Digestive System

The Kelley program works to heal the digestive system. If you don’t heal the digestive system the Gerson juicing, the Budwig program, etc. will not be broken down and become available to the body. If you add the “Kelley” original enzymes to any program, that program will become more effective, but you must heal the gut, the digestive system, in a very organized and methodical way as an integral part of your program. You can get more information on this at:

Dr. Kelley also formulated a powerful cachexia formula to help reverse late stage patients from cachexia, back to a normal digestion, so they could heal. It was very effective. Knowing how to heal the gut is the core of the program is to prevent cachexia from happening. Remember, cachexia happens when the practitioner or patients does not know how to heal or maintain a healthy digestive system, or the patient does not first detox the body adequately, and keep the toxins down, and begins some aggressive program to kill cancer cells in a body already overloaded with toxins. If you don’t heal the digestive system no program will work and it will only lead to cachexia.

How It Works

Metabolic therapy is similar to laetrile therapy, except that the focus is not on the laetrile molecule, but rather on 30 enzymes secreted by the pancreas. Trypsin and especially chymotrypsin, are among the 30 enzymes excreted by the pancreas, but not the only ones, and not in low dosages.

A close review was made of all other enzymes but the enzymes NOT created by Dr. Kelley and were found wanting. Metabolic therapy also focuses heavily on building the immune system, but it adds a liver, gallbladder, small intestine, lung and colon cleanse. These cleanses have to be guided by a trained practitioner or you can become very sick in a weakened state. There are many ways to detox safely; see guidance.

The professionals at are very helpful with detox and rebuilding the digestive system.

Metabolic Therapy

This is the treatment plan that had a well-documented 93% cure rate for about 33,000 patients newly diagnosed patients. Dr. Kelley said that if all of his patients did his protocol exactly as told, his cure rate would have been 97%.

I am not going to say much about this diet because it is somewhat complex. You will have to visit his website (link below) or read his book for the details. ( You can get a free copy of Dr. Kelley’s book at this web site.

The coffee enema is claimed to be critical to this diet, however, many people will not want to have the coffee enema. There are herb supplements to cleanse the liver that will help to cleanse the liver, but you must also cleanse the kidney, gallbladder and spleen, and they can be effective if done properly, in the right order, and carefully. If not done in proper order you overload an already clogged system.

Coffee enemas have been around for hundreds of years and are also part of the well-known Gerson Therapy. The Kelley Metabolic clinic has enema therapists who can help guide you in this process.

Dr. Gonzalez, working under an NIH grant, is doing research on the coffee enema. Dr. Gonzalez is using the full Dr. Kelley protocol including metabolic typing.

The developer of metabolic therapy, Dr. William Donald Kelley, a dentist by training, was severely persecuted by the medical establishment for his curing of cancer patients. The fact that he received so many referrals from his patients (as opposed to using advertising) is testimony of the effectiveness of his treatment protocol. Fortunately it is still available today. It is one of the least expensive therapies.

His first book: One Answer To Cancer, can be obtained from:

It is not a self-help book but provides an outline of the program. Dr. Kelley’s book “Curing the Incurable” will soon be rereleased. Register for it at Kelley Metabolic.

Dr. Nick Gonzalez book, “One Man Alone” covers many of the worst stage 4 cancer patients Dr. Kelley helped cure with his program. The five years of study of the Dr. Kelley program convinced Dr. Gonzalez to follow the lead of Dr. Kelley which he does to this day.

There are many attempts to sell enzymes and call them “Kelley” enzymes because the “Kelley” program is so successful and remains so today. Not all enzymes are the same. When your life is at risk, why take the chance of getting an inferior enzyme. Dr. Kelley’s enzyme formula is proprietary and has never been duplicated and can only be purchased at:

Note: Dr. William D. Kelley died on January 30, 2005. His Metabolic Nutrition Group is still active, however.

Summary Comments

Dr. Kelley, and the current Dr. Kelley trained doctors are fond of saying, “if you have the will to live, the faith to survive, and the intelligence to think on your own, you have a good chance of survival with the Kelley program. Healing is not for the weak of heart or those with a lack of faith”.

Dr. Kelley did not like people to mix other treatments with his if it conflicted with his metabolic typing and for good reason. No other program has documented as many cures as Dr. Kelley. However, it must be kept in mind that the average cancer patient today, who seeks out natural medicine, has had significantly more orthodox cancer treatments than the cancer patients in Dr. Kelley’s generation.

An alternative cancer treatment should be a complete treatment protocol.
Dr. Kelley’s protocol appears to be a very effective Stage IV cancer protocol. The Kelley protocol includes a protocol to reverse and prevent cachexia.

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