Dealing With a Stroke Victim

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Dealing With a Stroke Victim – Electromedicine

The history of medicine (and I am not talking about orthodox medicine, I am talking about safe and effective medicine) has been blessed with some magnificent geniuses in the field of electromedicine. Among them are:

Nikola Tesla
Georges Lakhovsky
Royal Raymond Rife
Ed Skilling
Dr. Bob Beck, PhD
Alexander Gurvich
and others.

For stroke victims the works of Georges Lakhovsky are the most significant. His work has been expanded on by Dr. Ernest Callet, PhD, Ralph Bergstresser, Raoult Bertrand and Hal Pavett.

While this technology may be referred to as “Bio-Spiritual” technology, do not be confused by the term “biospirtual,” this is real science but it goes far beyond the level of cells (our entire body is made exclusively of cells)!!

Hal Pavett now has an electromedicine device, which costs about $4,200, that has done exceptionally well restoring the cognition of stroke victims even when they have had multiple strokes!!!!

You are strongly advised to contact Hal at Nature’s Holistic Healing at this website for more information:

Nature’s Holistic Healing

Dealing With a Stroke Victim – DMSO

DMSO (Dimethyl Sulphoxide) is known to regenerate nerve cells and has been extensively researched by Dr. Stanley Jacob. But DMSO can be a life-saver when administered to someone who is actively having a stroke (if it is an ischemic stroke).

(By the way, most hemorrhagic stokes are caused by Coumadin/Warfarin which eats away at the lining of the arteries.)

Every family who has someone who is subject to ischemic strokes should carry DMSO with them at all times (e.g. in the trunk of the car).

The sooner the DMSO is administered the better. Dr. Jacob strongly believed that every ambulance driver and emergency room should carry DMSO. To some degree emergency rooms do have DMSO, but in many or most cases it is a profitable synthetic version which is effective, but I do not know if it as effective as the natural version.

My wife has a genetic condition which exposes her to ischemic strokes and I keep a bottle of DMSO both in the car and in the house at all times.

To learn how to safely handle and use DMSO, see this article (when using it on a stroke victim place the DMSO on the neck and shoulders).
How To Work With DMSO (3 pages)