ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease

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ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease is considered an “autoimmune disease,” meaning something foreign to the brain is getting into the brain. The immune system recognizes the invader and attacks. The immune system is not able to get rid of, or kill, the invader and for some reason the immune system does not “turn off.”

Because the immune system does not “turn off”, the immune system itself causes some of the damage to the brain.

However, this theory may be totally wrong. In fact, ALS may be caused by mycotoxins, meaning the acidic “waste products” of microbes, which block brain signaling and literally dissolve some brain tissue.

This is what the Ed Skilling Institute says about ALS:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a form of motor neuron disease, is associated with echovirus (an enterovirus) infection of the central nervous system, and with retrovirus activity (whether this is from a human endogenous retrovirus or an exogenous retrovirus is not known at present).

Thus, ALS could be caused by these microbes which get inside the brain or it could be caused by the waste products of these viruses (every microbe has different chemicals in their waste products) which block brain signaling.

Here is a short list of other potential causes for ALS:

1) Mercury from the teeth (e.g. dental amalgam),
2) Infections radiating from the teeth due to infections caused during tooth extractions or root canals,
3) Other causes of infections,
4) Vitamin B12 deficiency,
5) Lack of good “fats” in the brain (e.g. the Budwig Diet is a treatment)

The above list are well known to be a cause of ALS and Multiple Sclerosis. Here is some additional items that may be a factor in ALS:

6) Other metals (other than mercury), including aluminum and cadmium, etc.
7) Misdiagnosis (i.e. the person doesn’t really have ALS),
8) Oxidative stress,
9) and so on.

Other issues include this: do the prescription drugs really accomplish anything or do they just cause the patient to be miserable??

For example, if the drug does not penetrate the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) it is certainly worthless.

Or consider this: suppose the cause of ALS is a deficiency of Vitamin B12. How is a prescription drug going to help??

In fact, due to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community are only interested in selling prescription drugs, it is almost certain that prescription drugs are useless for this disease!!!

I can assure the reader that ALS is not caused by a deficiency of prescription drugs!!

In emails I have received I have been made aware of the following two possible cures for ALS.

First, one person stated that the book: The Healing Code contained the information needed to cure two different ALS patients.

Second, there is a website for ALS patients that has some excellent information for ALS patients!!

ALS Community on “Patients Like Me” Website

The Primary Treatment For ALS

The primary treatment for ALS is also the primary treatment for several other brain disorders. One article has been written for several brain disorders because they all have the same “root cause,” namely highly acidic mycotoxins which create “perpetual brain fog.”

Here is the link to the primary treatment (which deals with the “root cause” of ALS) for ALS:

The Common Thread of All Major Brain Diseases

Dental Issues (VERY IMPORTANT)

It is absolutely certain that dental issues can be a major cause of ALS. The reason I say this is that a very, very rare type of dentist, who is even better trained than biological dentists, have had very good success treating ALS patients who were not yet in a wheelchair.

It may be that by removing these infections in the teeth (and remove the mercury) that the immune system can deal with the microbial infection that is actually causing the disease.

Dental issues can cause ALS in three different ways. First, the mercury in dental amalgam can go right into the brain every time you eat.

Second, root canals can create a safe haven for very nasty microbes. These microbes can multiply inside of the root canals and eventually travel throughout the body, including the brain.

Third, whenever there is a tooth extraction, infections almost always result. These infections can also travel throughout the body, including the brain.

Hal Huggins, a world-famous dentist in Colorado, has had very good success treating Lou Gehrig patients by removing all mercury and infections from the mouth of ALS patients. But be aware, by law. Dr. Huggins has to be very careful about the “medical claims” he makes.

Do NOT use a regular dentist to try and fix ALS and do NOT even use a biological dentist. Use Dr. Hal Huggins or use someone Dr. Hal Huggins recommends. PERIOD!!!

His clinic is called: Huggins Applied Healing Center. Here is his website:

Huggins Applied Healing Center

This treatment should be considered TOP PRIORITY because in dealing with dental issues you are dealing directly with the major cause of ALS!!

Microbes also cause a wide range of mental issues and many of the most damaging microbes are the result of dental work!!

Vitamin B12

In some cases of treating ALS victims, Vitamin B12 has been very, very helpful. In fact, many brain disorders are caused by a deficiency of B12 or an inability to absorb and use Vitamin B12.

The problem is that even in those rare situations where orthodox medicine checks for B12 deficiencies their charts for detecting a deficiency are dead wrong!! They may say a patient does not have a deficiency when in fact they have a deadly deficiency.

The other problem is that taking oral B12 is almost worthless. If a person really has a B12 deficiency then a very specific protocol (which very few people know about), which involves injections of a specific type of B12, are necessary.

The bottom line is this: if the patient does have a Vitamin B12 deficiency YOU, the caregiver, are going to have to take charge and tell your medical doctors what they need to do to check for a B12 deficiency AND tell them what kinds of injections, and how often, are needed!!

The “Bible” on this subject is the book: Could It Be B12? – An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses, Second Edition, by Sally M. Pacholok and Jeffrey J. Stuart. This book will tell you how to get a proper diagnosis of a B12 deficiency and what to do about it.

STUDY THIS BOOK and combine its information with other protocols for ALS!!

Key “Fats” in the Brain

One treatment commonly used in cancer treatments, gets electron-rich fats to the cells. The Budwig Protocol has been proven to be effective on many ALS patients!!

You can go to a grocery store and buy the things you need for this protocol. Buy a couple of bottles of Flax Seed Oil and a couple of bottles of Kefir. Mix them in this proportion:

Four ounces of Kefir to two TABLEspoons of flaxseed oil (e.g., Barlean’s)

See this article on the Budwig Diet:

The Budwig Diet

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