About the Founder – R. Webster Kehr

Webster Kehr

Finding your passion is a seminal moment in life. Webster Kehr found his passion in the early 2000s — and parlayed it into the Internet's leading website for natural cancer treatments and prevention.

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Webster Kehr was born on October 7, 1946, in Jefferson City, Missouri. He married the former Marit Olaug Liset (Norway) in 1971. Marit passed away on May 7, 2016, near Huntsville, Alabama. She left Webster with a great legacy of seven children and 19 grandchildren.

Webster was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and was seriously wounded in Viet Nam. After the military, he served for two years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After his mission, he graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in mathematics and accounting.

Webster has been the Vice President-Finance of an insurance company and the Vice President-Project Manager of a market research company. He retired from being a Department of Army Civilian at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, in December 2012. He has been researching orthodox and natural cancer treatments since 2002.

Webster is the author of several physics and mathematics papers. He is the author of the online physics book, The Detection of Ether, and an online book on theoretical mathematics, Hinged Sets and the Answer to the Continuum Hypothesis.

About Webster and Marit's Seven Children

John, the oldest, is a chemical engineer in Idaho and works for a company that makes memory chips. He and his wife live with their mixture of four children (some his and some hers) and John has one child who has left the nest.

Patricia is living in Alabama with her husband, Troy, and a mixture his children and her children. She has a degree in art history and he works in human resources.

James, who lives in South Carolina, is a computer nerd and works in high-tech support for Microsoft. He and his wonderful wife have four children.

Margene and her husband, Jason, and four children live in the Kansas City area. Jason is an architect in the Kansas City area. Margene teaches high school mathematics.

Thomas is a massage therapist in Lawrence, Kansas. He is also a musician and an expert in Tai Chi.

Martha is married to Dustin and she has written three books for teenage girls (and others!).

William, an electrical engineer, is married to Natalie and they have four children.

Webster Kehr, a catalytic voice for alternative cancer treatments, retired in 2015 and left an unparalleled legacy. For more than 13 years Webster led an unprecedented pursuit to discover and publish about natural cancer treatments and founded the Independent Cancer Research Foundation and Cancer Tutor.