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I’ve always said that not all those involved in the cancer cash complex are horrible people. Some are truly looking for real answers and trying to save lives. Unfortunately, the use of toxic cancer therapies is what oncologists learn in medical school — and those blinders can be hard to shake. Still, I was shocked […]

One of the most important biological pathways in the human body is called the NRF2 pathway. Due to its extreme importance in cancer, aging, inflammation, and detoxification, it has been called such things as “the fountain of youth pathway,” “the anti-aging pathway,” and “the cancer protection pathway.” Its activation effects the expression of more than […]

Mention the word “enema” and the person you are speaking with will either get it or they won’t. If they don’t, you’ll know it right away. A red face, a hand to the mouth and perhaps a suppressed giggle will more than likely be the reaction. For the growing number of individuals who are in […]