First of all, let us look at a couple of quotes about what a brown recluse spider bite actually looks like:

Brown Recluse bites are sharp but not initially painful like those of the Black Widow, but a small, white blister is quickly raised, broken, and surrounded by a red welt. An hour or more may pass; then there may be intense pain. The depressed center of this raised, red circle (the size of a dime to a quarter) turns dark within a day. The dead tissue regularly sloughs away, and the bite area scars over in one to eight weeks. Death seldom occurs, but the bite is debilitating and psychologically traumatic. Note: A bite from a brown recluse may also produce an intensely sore lump, even several weeks after the initial injury.

Here is another one:

The severity of a person's reaction to the bite (from brown recluse) depends on the amount of venom injected and individual sensitivity to it. Bite effects may be nothing at all, immediate or delayed. Some may not be aware of the bite for 2 to 8 hours, whereas others feel a stinging sensation usually followed by intense pain if there is a severe reaction. A small white blister usually rises at the bite site surrounded by a large congested swollen area. Within 24-36 hours, a systemic reaction may occur with the victim characterized by restlessness, fever, chills, nausea, weakness and joint pain. The affected area enlarges, becomes inflamed, and the tissue is hard to touch. The spider's venom contains an enzyme that destroys cell membranes in the wound area with affected tissue gradually sloughing away, exposing underlying tissues. Within 24 hours, the bite site can erupt into a “volcano lesion” (a hole in the flesh due to damaged, gangrenous tissue).
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet on entomology

The danger of a brown recluse spider bite is also dependent on where the bite occurs. It is most dangerous when the bite is near an important part of the body, such as on the head, just above a vital organ or near a joint.

The first thing to understand is that the damage done by a brown recluse spider bite is done by chemical reactions (i.e. involving enzymes). The venom literally liquefies human issue. Thus, the most damage is usually not done by bacteria or virus.

If you go to a doctor, he or she will probably give you antibiotics. While this is recommended because infection will almost always be present in the spider bite, the treatment is worthless at stopping the spreading of the chemical reaction and it will not stop any possible gangrene, which was mentioned above.

Ascended Health Treatment For Brown Recluse Spider Bites

One vendor which has a protocol specific to brown recluse spider bites is Ascended Health. This product may be the best on the market.

This natural cure for the brown recluse bite is a combination of essential oils of oregano, clove, Melissa, rosemary, rose otto, bentonite clays and electrical current.

Testimonials for this treatment can be found on this website:

This is the main brown recluse page on their website:
Ascended Health Treatment

If you live in an area where there are known brown recluse spiders it might be wise to order this product and keep it refrigerated.

Basil Oil and Lavender Oil

The information about basil oil I am about to give came from a speech by actor Clint Walker.

The treatment for a brown recluse spider bite is to take the essential oil basil, or the basil plant oils, and administer it BOTH internally (as a tea) and externally.

  • Step One: Clean the wound, and put basil oil on the bite area (or oil from the basil plant itself) and tape a cotton pad over the wound. Change this pad 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Step Two: Several times a day make a basil tea and drink it. Again, either basil oil or the oil from a basil plant can be used to make the tea.

If you live in an area where there are brown recluse spiders, you might want to put a container of basil oil in your refrigerator. This way if you do notice a brown recluse spider bite, or what might be a bite, you can take immediate action. Another option, of course, is to grow the plant in your home.

As mentioned above, as part of the spider bite it is possible gangrene will be present. The essential oil generally used for gangrene is Lavender Oil:

Dr. Gattefossé gave the research to Dr. John Valnet who was a medical doctor in Paris, France. Valnet did nothing with it until the post war years (World War II) when he was working with war victims from shrapnel wounds and losing them to gangrene because the antibiotics wouldn't work. Dr. Gattefossé sent him some [lavender] oils and said “try the oils”. He started using the oils and he saved every single patient.

Young Living Oils Vendor

The recommended vendor for this treatment is Young Living. Their essential oils are therapeutic grade, not perfume grade.

Topical Application

I would mix the external use oils like this: 2 drops of lavender oil to 4 drops of basil oil. I have no basis for this formula other than the fact that the lavender oil is mainly for gangrene prevention, thus it is slightly less important than the basil oil. If you think a different ratio would work better, by all means use it. If gangrene does start to appear, then obviously use a lot more lavender oil, then see a medical doctor.

You might be wise to use a combination of the above two treatments.

Noni Juice

Another possible major treatment for brown recluse spider bites is Tahitian Noni Juice. While there are many brands of Noni Juice, my expertise in cancer research has led me to recommend only the Tahitian brand by Morinda.

Like basil oil, Tahitian Noni Juice can be taken internally and can be applied directly to the wound. Since you cannot store Noni Juice, I would suggest that as soon as you suspect a person has been bitten by a brown recluse spider that you apply the basil oil treatment or the Ascended Health treatment and then order several bottles of Tahitian Noni Juice (remember, this spider bite can do many thousands of dollars in damages, so spending a couple of hundred dollars for Noni Juice is a bargain).

Noni Juice Vendor

After I got the Noni Juice, this is what I would do. First, I would drink at least a fourth of a bottle a day. Then, whenever I changed the bandage, before I would put on the new bandage, I would put on a Noni Juice bandage for 20 minutes.


  1. Put on a basil oil and/or Ascended Health bandage,
  2. Take if off as part of changing the bandage 3 or 4 times a day,
  3. Before putting on a new bandage, put on a Noni Juice bandage, but only for 20 minutes,
  4. After 20 minutes, remove the Noni Juice bandage and put on a new basil oil or Ascended Health bandage until the next changing.

Other Items

Other items that I have seen mentioned with regards to brown recluse spider bites are: MSM (internally and externally), high dose vitamin C (internally and externally), charcoal compresses (external only) and plantain poultices (external only several times a day for 20 minutes at a time). I have also seen mention of colloidal silver, however, since the problem with a brown recluse spider bite is chemical, and because colloidal silver works because of electrical issues (e.g. it does work on skin cancer), I have not yet convinced myself how this could work on spider bites.