by Tony Isaacs (February 2007)
A couple of years ago, after spending countless hours researching alternative remedies and treatments for cancer, I ended up writing an e-book titled “Cancer's Natural Enemy” which, among other things, details the history of the medical use of the plant oleander dating back 3,500 years to the ancient Babylonians; the re-discovery of a centuries old oleander cancer remedy by Doctor H. Z. Ozel in Turkey in 1966; the past 40 years of medical use of oleander outside the U.S.; the patenting of an oleander extract named Anvirzel and subsequent passing of FDA phase I trials.

My book, which I am NOT promoting here, goes on to tell of a home version of the medicine and how it can be made and has been used by thousands of people around the world with great success against not only cancer but also hepatitis-C, psoriasis, diabetes and even HIV/AIDS. The instructions for making this remedy are posted freely on my Yahoo group site “oleandersoup.”

Due to my research, my book and my activities in forums I know a number of people who were given hopeless diagnoses by their oncologists, yet are now alive, healthy and cancer free after using either the patented medicine form of oleander extract or the virtually identical home remedy, which can be made about as easily as a large pot of beans.

One of the many people I met and became friends with in the past few years is a noted South African HIV/AIDS and cancer crusader and researcher by the name of Marc Swanepoel. Marc devised two similar botanical supplements which consisted of 80% oleander extract made exactly according to the oleander soup instructions. The supplement for HIV/AIDS added extracts of agaricus blazei murrill mushroom extract, cats claw, pau de arco, while the supplement for cancer substituted the relatively rare chrysobalanus icaco (red-tipped coco plum) for the pau de arco.

Last week, I asked Marc how the patients in South Africa were faring and he reported that “Everything still ok here and cancer patients, as well as HIV patients on the oleander mix, are doing well.

The medical doctor in Cape Town who is using the mix for all his cancer patients has continued to have good results. The oncologist where he sends his patients to (a woman) was so impressed with the results that she is now using it herself for prevention.

To date, the only patients that did NOT make it on the oleander mix were three patients with very advanced cancer that had metastasized to the liver and who had been on intensive chemo treatments. In my opinion, the effect of the chemo on the and liver and heart eventually led to failure of those organs.”

Needless to say, I was very impressed with the news, but after thinking about it, I had to wonder “3 patients out of how many did not make it” to try to get a better perspective, and so I asked Marc in a follow up message and the response I received astounded me!

Just when I thought, based on my research and first hand experience with oleander users including friends and members of my own family, I got this incredible message:

Hi Tony,
Approximately 350 HIV/AIDS patients have used it and about 80 cancer patients on a regular basis. Of the cancer patients, 5 arrived when they had about a week to 10 days to live and they were too weak to keep the mix down. They died without really being able to try the mix. 3 (the ones I mentioned to you) died of liver and heart failure. All the others are still alive, some now for nearly three years. One Breast Cancer patient who was given a few months to live eventually became the patient of the oncologist who is now also using the mix. She was declared free of cancer by the oncologist approximately 1 year ago and is still doing well.

Others used it for a few months until their cancers were gone and we have not heard from them again. One patient with a festering hole of 1cm diameter on his nose (about half a cm deep) have been using it for three months after doctors were unable to cure the tumour with radiation. The hole is now half the size and not festering anymore. It should be healed in about 3 – 6 months. The doctor in Cape Town whose own wife had metastasized cancer to the bones, is now cancer free. She has been on overseas trips and lives a normal life.

Unfortunately, I do not have time to keep track of all the patients. They just collect the mix from me and phone me from time to time to say that they are doing well. It also seems to help for asthma, male impotence and diabetes. One advanced MS patient have now used it for 2 months and is reporting that it seems to help for the pain in her legs. All the distribution is happening by word of mouth and I don't advertise at all. I have had orders from the UK from people who had heard about the successes in South Africa. A documentary maker there was filming the progress of his wife on a weekly basis but, unfortunately, she was one of the liver complications. He still believes very firmly that the mix gave his wife an extra 5 months of high quality life.

Like I say, I am promoting nothing here except the news that I think the world needs to hear.

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