Note: I have hundreds of links to the various parts of the medical conspiracy. There is no possible way I will ever have time to categorize them and put them on this page. This page is designed to simply let you know such sites exist.

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Educate Yourself
History of AMA and Medical Schools
Educate Yourself
Freedom Of Speech, Drug Stroy, etc.
Skyboom (site down)
Exerpts from Conspiracy Books (Mirror)
Cancer Conspiracy (thus all medical conspiracies)
Public Citizen
57 page booklet – Congress and Big Pharma in bed together
John E. Moelaert
Online Cancer Conspiracy Book (pdf – Adobe Acrobat) (Donations requested)
Consumer Wellness R.C.
Superb Site, and up to date, on medical corruption
Dean Manders, Ph.D.
L-Tryptophan (key amino acid) banned so toxic Prozac can make big profits
Dorway to Discovery
Info on aspartame sweetner (e.g., NutraSweet, Equal, etc. brands)
An incredible study of studies on aspartame by Dr. Ralph G. Walton (Note: Dr. Walton should have considered the FDA studies under the heading of industry sponsored studies)
H. J. Roberts, M.D.
Info on aspartame addiction
Vitamins In America
The future of destroying alternative medicine – the U.N. Codex Alimentarius