Surviving cancer is totally a function of getting good information. If you have good information your chances of surviving your cancer can be 90 percent or higher.

Television is one of the sources of bad information. Those who believe what they hear on television are likely to use the largely ineffective cancer treatments. Those who dig deeper can find cancer treatments with 90 percent and higher cure rates. A secret war, which very few people know about, is going on right now. You or someone you love could be a victim of this war.

This war is not being fought with guns or tanks or jet airplanes or even atomic bombs. This war is being fought with information. This war has been going on since about 1905.

The information I am talking about is information about cancer treatments (and treatments for other diseases) that the general public knows nothing about because they get most of their information from television.

So why do people intentionally recommend and endorse worthless and painful cancer treatments?

Because the worst cancer treatments are by far the most profitable cancer treatments. The vast majority of the information you hear about cancer is controlled by multi-billionaires who couldn't care less whether or not you survive your cancer because all they care about is your health insurance money?.

Would it surprise you that politicians are willing to do anything to get campaign contributions from the multi-billionaires, who own and/or control both the pharmaceutical industry and more importantly (for the politicians) the media?

As a result of the bribes and their control of the media, Congress has given the multi-billionaires their own private police force to eliminate their competition, which is natural medicine. This police force is called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The competition of the multi-billionaires are the people who tell cancer patients about the safe and gentle treatments which have a 90 percent cure rate and are usually very inexpensive. These people are the target of the FDA and the media.

See this article which demonstrates that orthodox medicine has zero interest in curing cancer:
Clinical Oncology (2004, p.549-560)
Oncology Cure Rates

Because they have no interest in curing cancer, etc. they have to pretend that they care about the “little people.” That is where the media comes into play. The job of the media is to lie, deceive and hide the truth. They do that by using highly proven tactics of brainwashing.

The tactics used by the media and orthodox medicine to get cancer patients to use the highly worthless and highly profitable cancer treatments, instead of the highly effective cancer treatments, have evolved far beyond the brainwashing tactics of Hitler and Stalin.

So let's begin by looking at the brainwashing tactics used by both Hitler and Stalin:

  • “No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
    Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Alan Bullock

By using the constant repetition of seeing “medical doctors” on television, people are conditioned (the “uniform pattern of public utterance“) to believe that anyone who is not a “medical doctor” must be a quack (the “jarring dissonance“).

Most orthodox sources believe that curing cancer is difficult because DNA damage is what causes cancer. Even if DNA damage did cause cancer, which it doesn't, how does DNA damage protect cancer cells from being killed. It doesn't.

Cancer is actually caused by microbes that are inside the cancer cells and it is these microbes that block the production of ATP energy (the definition of a cancer cell is low ATP energy and DNA damage has nothing to do with ATP energy). See the “What Causes Cancer” article for more information about what really causes cancer and why cancer cells have DNA damage.

Getting back to cancer treatments, the media never talks about Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist turned independent cancer researcher, who treated more than 33,000 cancer patients. His five-year “cure rate” on cancer patients who went to him first was about 90 percent. He spent time in jail because he committed the great sin of not using cancer treatments which could be patented. In other words, he did not use chemotherapy, rather he used molecules from Mother Nature (which cannot be patented).

Dr. Philip Binzel, MD, had an 81 percent cure rate using natural molecules from apricot seeds. The FDA tried to block the import of apricot seeds from Mexico in an attempt to shut Dr. Binzel down.

Johanna Brandt, an immigrant to the United States, had a 100 percent cure rate using purple grape juice. It is now known that there are more than a dozen molecules in purple grapes that kill cancer cells.

Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, was shut down by the Food and Drug Administration because he had a 100 percent cure rate in the 1930s. Today his equipment has been replicated by the “High RF Frequency Protocol” equipment. But that is not the real name of this equipment. On this website we cannot tell you the real name of this equipment due to the FDA's persecution of natural medicine vendors.

If a newly diagnosed cancer patient used the treatments of Kelley, Binzel, Brandt and Rife it is hard to imagine they would die of cancer. They would certainly have a 95 percent chance of survival.

Dr. Kelley was persecuted both by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). He had to flee the United States so he treated cancer patients in Mexico. Dr. Kelley died in 2005 but detailed information about his cancer treatments have been around since before his death. His main book is free and is online.
One Answer To Cancer by Dr. William Kelley

Why hasn't the American Medical Association forced their members to use Dr. Kelley's cancer treatments?

And why hasn't the media, and all of their self-anointed “investigative journalists,” told their viewers about Dr. Kelley?

And why hasn't the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) forced the medical community to use the treatments developed by Dr. Kelley?

And why hasn't the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation used their contributions and clout to tell the world about Dr. Kelley's cancer treatments?

And why haven't the state medical boards forced the doctors in their states to use Dr. Kelley's cancer treatments?

And why don't the health insurance companies pay for the medical expenses of the cancer patients who use Dr. Kelley's cancer treatments?

And why hasn't Congress passed a law forcing all medical professionals to use the cancer treatments of Dr. Kelley?

And why hasn't the President of the United States ordered the Veteran's Administration hospitals to use Dr. Kelley's cancer treatments?

And so on.

I can answer all of these questions with three words: money and power. The people with the money have the power. In fact, Dr. Kelley was thrown in jail and kicked out of the United States into Mexico, as already mentioned.

For example, the media makes many millions of dollars every year from the drug companies, which make the drugs which generate the low cure rate of modern medicine.

However, the media doesn't make a dime to promote or talk about the cancer treatments that Dr. Kelley used. So the media doesn't talk about Dr. Kelley and his cancer treatments.

People trust the media, Congress, the FDA, the AMA, the ACS, the pharmaceutical industry (i.e. Big Pharma), etc. etc. with their lives, but these organizations have betrayed the general public for the sake of riches.

The truth is that the media is owned and controlled by multi-billionaires who couldn't care less about the health, well-being or lives of the “little people.”

It seems like everyone on earth wants a piece of the multi-billionaire's pies. Except people like Dr. Kelley.

An Example of Quid Pro Quo

How does the media “payback” Big Pharma for all of their advertising money? Think about that for a moment before reading on.

They do it by showing “medical doctors” on television every chance they get. Whether you are watching a movie, a drama, a sitcom or whatever, there will likely be a medical doctor on the show at one time or another. Think about Star Trek, for example. Was there a medical doctor on that show? Yes. There was a medical doctor on Gunsmoke as well, etc.

It is tit-for-tat. The pharmaceutical industry gives money to the media and the media gives patients to the medical community by glorifying medical doctors on television.

The media uses a very sophisticated brainwashing tactic that has been around for many decades. It is called: creating a uniform pattern of public utterance which was discussed above.

The media is like an iceberg. You see only the 10 percent of the things they want you to see. But they are so good you think you are seeing 100 percent of what you need to know.

Because of sophisticated brainwashing tactics, the general public thinks that Dr. Kelley, who had the 90 percent cure rate, was a quack because he was not a medical doctor and he did not use the drugs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Kelley's Cancer Treatments

So how did Dr. Kelley cure 90 percent of his newly diagnosed cancer patients?

Dr. Kelley used products to cure cancer that cannot be patented. Thus, the medical community has no interest in his treatments because they cannot make huge profits from using his treatments.

Dr. Kelly used cancer treatments designed by God, meaning Mother Nature. The average human being on this earth thinks that God doesn't exist or that God is too stupid to cure cancer.

But this is the work of the media. By constantly glorifying medical doctors: the general public, by default, thinks that God is too stupid to be a medical doctor. This brainwashing is because Mother Nature doesn't have a checking account, so the media ignores Her and glorifies those who have huge checking accounts.

Never mind the fact that God designed 100 percent of human DNA and scientists only understand about 3% of human DNA after studying it since 1953. In fact, scientists have no clue what 97 percent of all human DNA does. They used to call it “junk DNA” because they were too stupid to understand what it did. They still don't know what it does but they no longer call it “junk DNA.”

My point is that people trust their television to tell them what to do when they get sick. When people get sick they run to their doctor's office because that is what television has conditioned them to do.

Running to their medical doctor, in many cases, is the right thing to do, such as when you have a broken leg. But in other cases (i.e. in the case of almost all diseases), it is the wrong thing to do.

For example, many people have completely avoided orthodox medicine and have cured their newly diagnosed cancer by using a very healthy diet and drinking a quart of carrot juice (with a little beet juice mixed in) every day.

In fact, if all cancer patients did that, instead of using chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, the “cure rate” for cancer in America would jump dramatically.

But who would make huge profits telling cancer patients to drink carrot juice mixed with a little beet juice and eat a healthy diet? Certainly not the medical community and certainly not the media. Carrot juice and beet juice cannot be patented. Nor can a healthy diet.

What all of this means is that many, many people use intentionally ineffective treatments for cancer in order to share in the massive wealth of the owners of the pharmaceutical industry.

The American Medical Association (AMA) is really nothing but a labor union. The AMA jumped in bed with the new pharmaceutical industry in 1907 and determined to use the treatments that were most profitable for them, without any regard to the survival of their patients.

This may sound harsh, but the evidence is overwhelming that that is exactly what happened. The AMA had been corrupt long before 1907 and John D. Rockefeller, Sr., who started the drug companies to make more money from his oil, was already known to be a ruthless businessman who had a fantastic public relations department which existed to make him look like a respectable citizen.

In fact, John D. Rockefeller's father advertised himself as a “cancer doctor.” What did his father use to “cure cancer?” Raw crude oil.

There is no “war on cancer.” What there is is a “war on cancer patients.” What there is is a bottomless pit of money into which many people put their hands.

  • “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer' is largely a fraud.”
    Linus Pauling, PhD, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner

Indeed, the “war on cancer” has always been a fraud and it will always be a fraud. There is more money in fraud than in helping people.

Natural medicine cancer researchers today use many of Kelley's tactics, but because of many newer and better products, both natural and electromedicine, natural medicine cancer researchers rarely use Kelley's protocol as the main treatment.

For example, the researchers of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc., which runs this website, have developed more than twenty-five cancer treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells. Cancer cells are sick cells so why kill them? Many of the cancer treatments on this website revert cancer cells into normal cells.