FAQ – How Does A Person Get Started With Alternative Cancer Treatments?

(Note: You should read this entire article before clicking on any of the links. In that way you will know how all of the pieces fit together to keep you from getting confused when you start reading the detailed information.)

There is a massive amount of information you need to know, and my website was designed specifically to give people the “Big Picture” of that massive amount of information so they can get up to speed quickly. I do not sell any medical products, and I am not a doctor, but I have spent hundreds of hours researching alternative treatments for cancer, something which most doctors have not done.

The first thing you need to realize is that because your doctor hasn't been taught the truth about alternative cancer treatments, you are going to have to do your own homework. While I am going to assign you to do a lot of reading, remember that it would take you over a hundred hours of research (assuming you were an expert internet researcher) to discover these things on your own.

Step 1: Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments

First, read the article: “Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments,” which you may have already read. While this article is optional, because it is mostly on the politics of cancer, there are also many key concepts about treatments that are introduced.

Note: after reading this, or any other article linked to by this page, click the “Back” button to return to this page.

Introduction To Alternative Cancer Treatments

Step 2: The Tutorial

My short “tutorial” was designed to provide a quick overview of what alternative cancer treatments are all about. It is required reading!

The important thing to understand from the tutorial is what to look for in a plan for “your” situation. Also, the importance of “diet” is made clear. The “diet” is as important as ANY of the treatment plans you will go on!!! A poor cancer diet can offset some or all of the cancer treatments!

Step 3: Checklist to Determine the Strength Of an Alternative Cancer Diet

Once a person has designed their own plan, either from scratch or as a modification of one of my sample treatments, it is CRITICAL to check to see if your self-designed treatment plan is strong enough for your situation. When you start your first treatment plan, AND every time you make a change in your treatment plan, you should read this article.

The article is called the “Checklist” or “Sanity Check” or “Rule of Thumb” article. This article is designed to allow you to test the effectiveness of your self-designed treatment program.

Checklist Article

However, for those with Stage IV Cancers, there is an addendum to the “Checklist” article for Stage IV cancers:

“Checklist” Addendum for Stage IV Cancer

Step 4: The Cancer Treatment Articles

As an additional help so that people can better use the “Checklist” articles, I have many articles on specific major treatment plans, such as laetrile, the Kelley Metabolic diet, Ellagic Acid, hydrazine sulphate (which is the same thing as the Cachexia Treatment Plan), and so on. These articles can be accessed from my main page. These articles, in most instances, teach how to supercharge old treatment plans and even how to supercharge new treatment plans.

I will be honest, I don't have a lot of time to keep this website up to my standards, so there are a lot of very good alternative cancer treatments that I have not had time to write articles for. Do not consider my list of articles to be complete!!

Step 5: Other Critical Articles

Because of my limited time, I sometimes come across something I desperately want to research, because it looks so promising, but don't have the time to research it. One such treatment led to the following article:

Understanding the Relationship Between Cancer and Fungus, Yeast and Moulds

Other articles in this section deal with the immune system, liver damage, and so on.

Step 6: Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of emails from people regarding their cancer, or the cancer of relatives and friends. In order to be able to write extensive answers to some commonly heard questions, I have written a FAQ for these questions.

This FAQ (the one you are reading right now) is actually part of Step 6.

Step 7: Links to Other Alternative Cancer Treatment Sites

From the main page, I also link to many other alternative cancer sites. Everyone should visit these websites after they understand what is going on.

Step 8: My Free, eBook on the “War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine”

This book goes into more detail about the deception and power of orthodox medicine.

Final Comments

If you remember one thing from my website, remember that most alternative treatments include MULTIPLE treatment plans, depending on the situation. For example, if a person is advanced terminal, they should focus on combining several treatment plans that kill cancer cells. However, Beta Glucan is so good at building the immune system quickly, even it can be used with advantage for advanced terminal cases.
Here is a link to the Beta Glucan Product:

Finally, don't forget that attitude is critical. Keep a positive attitude. Do the best you can! That should be your motto: “Do the best you can!” Never stop studying because you never know when you will find some critical fact that applies to you. No single web site, including this one, can ever cover every possible situation and every possible treatment.