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    Hi guys
    My mother is a 3 time “survivor” as the mainstream world would proclaim her. In other words the cancer never left!
    She had reconstruction about 5 years ago, though there isn't any breast tissue left inside of her left breast, it is dill prone to breast cancer. Flash forward to now she has under gone chemo, surgery, and 6 months later she now has small lumps right under the surface of her chest wall. Initially we were under the impression that it may have been scar tissue out of curiosity she went to her DRs and they suggested a biopsy. Initially these lumps/tumors were the size of grapes two weeks post biopsy the tumors are now growing at a rapid pace. The tumors are now the size of kiwis. I have her on a vitamin regimen that I got from you guys site and also apricot seeds. Also no meat no redefined sugars. Juicing fruits and veggies. She has been vomiting daily I believe this working but not as rapid as those tumors are growing. What would you recommend as my next advanced protocol for her?

    Also which content would you reccommend to get her more involved as a eye opener regarding big pharma and politics for beginners I have many books and I have become somewhat a breast cancer Guru but she still isn't as involved and “WOKE” as myself.

    From experience with her, biopsys are not the way to go nor is conventional medicine period.

    Thank you guys



    Hi Hannah,

    Those are good things but you should go to the top of the page and click on treatments, and click on protocols, and look through them and see which one suits you and seems feasible to do. You will need to be quite aggressive to deter this cancer which is already fast growing as it has come back from remission. You may or may not be able to get your mother on board, but I would suggest some films, such as The Truth About Cancer. Cancer Tutor has a newsletter which has an interesting film in it about treatment in Germany. Not to say you will go to Germany, but it looks like a very good film to change someone's mind about the state of cancer treatment in this country. Vitamin D, sunshine, exercise and iodine are important supplements. I also am doing one of the protocols here, but I have added essential oils to it. They are very interesting and not particularly expensive.



    Great! Thank you so much. She has had some what of an epiphany . I believe she was going thru a defeated stage. But over the coarse of the last couple of days I've been educating her and we've decided to move along with the budwig protocol. May god heal you both mentally physically spiritually and emotionally.

    Best wishes



    I have a family member who has just undergone surgery followed with chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer. The radiologist has specifically instructed her to avoid vitamin C altogether. Can you shed any light on why this would be?
    Thanks, Grahame.

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi Grahame,

    I'm not sure why a radiologist would say that. If you do a search in our clinics section for clinics who administer IVC you can ask them.



    Even more importantly, in my estimation, is which alternative cancer treatment is best for a person's PARTICULAR TYPE OF BREAST CANCER?

    I have searched this site, and have not been able to find this kind of information. If it is there, and someone can direct me, I would really appreciate that.

    I am specifically looking for information on HER2+ type of BC. And, even more specifically, metastatic, stage 4 of the same.

    Thanks in advance!

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi Christine,

    Currently, our recommendations would be the same for all types. That said, we recognize that breast cancer comes in many different forms. In fact, we are currently reworking our breast cancer page to include details on all of the types of breast cancer along with a ton more information patients can use to make the best choices for their situation. It really comes down to that….doing your research, speaking with a specialist, and finding what would work best for your individual situation.

    Mike Vrentas, who is our support person for the Cellect-Budwig Protocol (the protocol we recommend for breast cancers) can help patients evaluate what may work best.

    Also, our list of clinics provides contact information for natural cancer clinics across the US/Mexico who can also help patients work out a treatment plan that fits best for their situation.

    All the best.


    Thank you for all of the information. It is a blessing that this site exists and that there are folks out there who show the commitment and compassion to help others in such a confusing time in our lives. I am in the process of building my protocols regiment from the Dirt Cheap Protocol, as I cannot begin to afford the highly recommended protocol Cellect Budwig. I am 66 years old, retired and on a medicare advantage insurance program. My primary care physician can only refer me to a surgeon and an oncologist who is interested only in chemotherapy and radiation. So I appear to be on my own, but I am an intelligent human being and I believe I am capable of navigating the vast amount of information.
    (1) I am a vegan for the last year, having been a vegetarian for 15 years.
    (2) Since diagnosed 7 weeks ago, I have converted my diet to raw vegan
    (3) I am juicing carrot juice, green juice (kale, green apple, cucumber) and celery juice – 42 ounces daily.
    (4) I am taking a wide variety of supplements: vitamin C, D3, B12, E, CoQ10, Magnesium and a multi vitamin for seniors.
    (5) I am taking the turmeric delivered by raw honey twice daily. The turmeric is ground in a capsule form from Mercola which I open and put on a teaspoon with raw honey for absorption.
    (6) I eat only foods from the alkaline list. Additionally I eat 2 large salads – green leafy vegetables – daily and usually an assortment of steamed or roasted veggies for dinner.
    (7) I do a detox tea nightly and sip turmeric, ginger, cinnamon tea throughout the day. I also sip lemon juice throughout the day. The only water I use is distilled water.
    (8) I walk and get at least 20 minutes direct sunshine daily.

    I plan to incorporate the 3 required items in the DCP: MSM/LIPH and MSM/Vitamin C; Beta Glucan and Liver Flush (Stevia)
    For Alkaline, I am going to do either the Kelmun or wheatgrass.

    As far as building the immune system, other than my eating habits and supplements, can you recommend anything in particular.

    Does this appear to be the right track??

    I did not have a biopsy because of the negative information. So the only thing I know about my breast cancer is that the surgeon (who by the way was very rude, unfeeling and demanding that I sign paperwork that I would do radiation and chemotherapy after a mastectomy) stated “I can tell you 110% for sure you have cancer. She wanted to railroad me as fast as possible into biopsy and surgery. She would not answer questions regarding healthy options or natural healing and just stated that if I was into all of that, I would come through the surgery better but that I should stop taking any supplements or vitamins and NOT TO READ anything on the internet.

    After feeling a bit overwhelmed and sorry for myself, I came back to reality. Her attitude toward me actually did me a favor because it kicked my butt into high gear. The survival rates, recovery rates, and positive outcomes following surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are not good. I suspect I have an estrogen based breast cancer, but I do not know how to confirm this without the support of an oncologist who will support an integrative route.

    Are there blood tests that my primary care physician can order for me?

    Any light you can shed on this process would be wonderful. Over the last 6 weeks I have read a lot of books and articles on natural healing.

    I need to know what my current status is regarding cancer cell counts so I can know if I am healing and improving. Hope this is making sense.

    Thank you for your kindness.





    It sounds like you must have a lump. You don't say whether you are considering surgery. I have to say that I thought I could self diagnose inflammatory breast cancer and treated myself as such for many months. I had a lump but got a thermogram which was negative. That is supposed to be almost impossible, yet it happened. I finally got a biopsy and found out that I had an estrogen positive breast cancer and it had spread to the lymph nodes. I got a mastectomy.

    If I had known what I had I would have deleted dairy from my diet and gone back on the natural progesterone sooner! Natural progesterone is quite important for controlling estrogen.

    I am considering protocel as a relatively affordable and effective treatment, but it will not be compatible with some of the things you are doing. You can read about Protocel here. Your diet looks to me like it is already good and fairly alkaline. Have you considered emotional, spiritual issues? This has been key for me. As for tests, I am looking into doing an AMAS test. Medicare covers it, some insurance may. It costs about 200 dollars and is difficult to find a hospital or lab that does it, but it is accurate and can monitor progress so far as I know. Just google the name.


    Thank you for the quick response. I do have a lump. I believe it is an estrogen based cancer/lump measuring about 2cm with striations. I am not going to have surgery. I firmly believe that if cancer is a virus or fungal infection it can be treated naturally. If I did this to my body then I have to give my body the tools it needs for healing. I am certainly going to give one heck of a try.

    My sister had estrogen positive about one year ago stage one. She did the lumpectomy, radiation and the chemo pills. Now her joints are very weak, her hair is thinning and she is so tired. She was a rather healthy person, good weight, good spiritual resolve and 63 years old. She now regrets going the traditional route and said if I had been diagnosed first she would do what I am doing. I am very worried about hers coming back because of the damage she may have done. So she is taking herself off the chemo.

    It is my understanding that you have the tumor for 6-10 years before you know it. Well, I only stopped eating cheese (my passion) when I turned vegan, about one year ago. My husband and I watched a documentary and that did it for us. So while I was vegetarian I still was hooked on cheese and found it very difficult to give up. Of course, that is planned, dairy is far more addictive than heroin!

    It is my understanding that first I need to kill the bacteria/fungus/microbes. I also am understanding that the cancer could be managed and the cells returned to a healthy state but the tumor tissue could stay but would not be spreading.

    I believe I have boosted my immune system. For me it is all about getting the tests so I can track it since I cannot find a doctor here in Florida who is willing to work with me in a holistic, naturopathic manner.

    Since I have not had the biopsy I really do not know what I am looking at. The only thing I have is the images from the ultra sound and digital mammogram and the measurements. I also only have the rude surgeons remarks – but she did not want to discuss anything – just railroad me.

    I am going to do some more research on the tests you mentioned.

    I have read about natural progesterone. I am going to see if my primary can be of any help with that. I also will look into the protocel. Money is tight and my options are limited outside of what I can do monthly. I have gotten supplements through my insurance provider and they are capsules so I know they are not the best, but I am bombarding my system with them thinking it is better than nothing at all. Not sure if this is logical, but can only do so much.

    But I have never felt better and more energized. I have lost a lot of body fat as you can imagine due to the juicing and diet I have adopted. Spiritually I am in a great place. I follow The Healthing Path and Medical Medium as well as Louise Hay and HayHouse.

    Is the pee test strips the one you can use for alkaline test? I have to think that my body would be alkaline at this point. But I am still detoxing and I think that my system may just now be getting to the point where it is rid of the dairy build up and can absorb the nutrients.

    I am also pursuing some essential oils known for fighting breast cancer and restoring healthy tissues.

    I have read Dr. Blaylocks books and several articles by Dr. Ajay Goel, as well.

    I hope I can touch base with you from time to time.

    I wish you all the best on your journey.






    Oh, dear, I made another long reply yesterday and it isn't here. This site is often glitchy like that.


    Im having the same problem. My last ‘Test' message went through but my actual long reply would not.

    Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    I am new to this site but not new to breast cancer. Funny I kept stumbling onto this site but never noticed there is a forum lol. I got my dx of BC back in November of 2013 and besides the biopsy I never received conventional treatment. I'm 58 now.

    IN answer as to what one should do…there is no “standard of care” protocol for this. It depends a lot on what your biggest health issues were, besides cancer. I made a list of mine one time and it filled up an entire page. I added things like a digestive system that didn't work well, a sugar addiction, excess weight, allergies, etc.

    Since I knew that sugar binging was a huge problem for me, I stopped eating it right after xmas that year and never went back. I also started the keto diet and if I were to do this again I would have fasted first. It's easy to do in the beginning b/c most people are freaking out so much that they have trouble eating anyway. I would not fast if I were too thin already (normal weight is fine) or if I were losing weight rapidly with no effort to do so. The fasting will cut off the food supply to the tumor instantly which will buy you time. The benefit of fasting is autophagy–look it up, it eats parts of your body that don't serve you well–in my case it mopped up uterine fibroids and sent me straight into a trouble-free menopause. It took about 10 days of my 21 day fast to do that. Fasting isn't nearly as difficult as most people imagine and keto is extremely helpful as well. Another good thing about fasting and keto is that you lose belly fat and BF holds onto rogue estrogen hormones and this feeds the tumor.

    I also tackled the gut issues. I take a probiotic and prebiotics every day and found that the biggest thing that helped me was aloe juice. This is not an instant project and can take quite a long time to straighten things out but it's worth the effort.

    I did go to a holistic doc and that's because I needed him to order certain tests and do things I couldn't do on my own. The most expensive part was getting my metal fillings switched out, which was something I needed to do anyway. Found out my mercury and lead levels were quite high. The intent of the holistic doc was to reduce the load on my body so it could heal itself.

    Also, all the standard health advice applies…don't discount this. You need to exercise with no excuses–I bought a rebounder b/c it's the best exercise for circulating lymph. I work to make sure I get enough sleep–I'm a former night owl but had to stop that and get to bed at a reasonable hour. I have to remind myself constantly to drink enough water. I can never drink again as my form of BC is aggravated by alcohol. No problem, I never was much of a drinker anyway. And like mom said–eat your vegetables!

    I've got to say though that the biggest and toughest part of this whole journey has been working on emotional healing. I suspect the tumor started when my husband of 23 years left me. My parents were emotionally unavailable and I wondered to the very end their lives if either of them cared about me and I still doubt they did. While I grew up to be a responsible adult, I could see where this has affected my health and I realized that I had buried those emotions under sugar binges, which is not the best strategy lol. I hired a counselor to help me work thru some of this and also reconciled my relationship with my sister, which had been tough for years. I'm getting there but still have my bad days and meditation has helped a lot.

    My absolute best advice to anyone staring cancer in the face and who is considering holistic or a combo of holistic/conventional care is to follow your intuition. You know what your body's problems are and chances are that you've been ignoring those “little” problems for years. You cannot hope for a cure unless your bring your entire body into balance. The fewer things you have tugging on your immune system the more energy it has to fight cancer. If you see a supplement that you suspect might help you…research it. If you think it might help, try it. Or if you have no money, try to start a veggie and herb garden. There are weeds out there that fight cancer–pokeweed is one of them and it grows like crazy around here. Dandelion root is great for your liver and a healthy liver will help you a lot.


    Thank you so much for the encouragement.
    I am kind of stuck in an awkward place because I was told by the surgeon that I have breast cancer but she will not make it a formal diagnosis without doing the biopsy and then the surgery and chemo/radiation. So without the biopsy, the only thing I have is a lump which shows up on an ultra sound which because of its shape the surgeon states is cancer. My regular doctor PCP cannot order the tests I need because there is no formal diagnosis and I cannot get a referral to an oncologist for additional assistance. So I have reviewed the pictures myself and because of the striations am finding that it is breast cancer. I can feel the lump and can keep track of it because it is near the surface. You are right in that we each know our own body's very well. I feel since I started this journey 3 months ago I have become so in tune with my body. I have so much energy and feel better than ever.
    This site has been a blessing and the support and information wonderful.
    I keep reading and re-reading.
    I have been very strict with the anti-cancer diet and the juicing and supplements. I have not tried fasting, but think it would be a good idea.

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