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    My dad, 69 years old, was diagnostic as a pancreatic cancer patient last year.
    The tumor was fully removed in a surgery – Distal Pancreatecomy, including the spleen.
    After the surgery he had several chemotherapy types – Gemzar, oxaliplatin, irinotecan, xeloda and now abraxane + gemzar. About 6 months after the surgery we saw few tumors on the liver in the new CT.
    The live tumors and the CEA, Ca19-9 and Ca 125 incrementally growing in the past year
    Started from Jan 21st 2016
    CEA=1.5, Ca19-9=24
    To August 24th 2016
    CEA=143, Ca19-9=7314
    In the past year they tried replacing his chemo types every 3 months, after they saw there is no impact in the CT. The chemo did NOT affect his body, he didn’t feel a thing, he wasn’t tired, no hair lost, if you didn’t know about the treatments you could never guessed, all the doctors were surprised seeing him after every treatment and beyond.
    In the last 2 treatments (abraxane + gemzar) he had started, once every 2 weeks, he is feeling awful, he lost weight, lost his appetite, losing hair, can barely walk, tired all the time.
    In the blood test we saw the CEA and Ca19-9 was duplicated, again.
    What do you suggest to do?
    I heard about B17 and mms drops and wanted to know if this can help in this case. If not, do you have any other suggestions? Or anything we can do more to help?
    If it matters, my dad is diabetic (was diabetic before the pancreatic cancer)
    Many thanks.

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    You can take a look at our page for people still on chemotherapy to see what integrative/supplemental treatments we recommend to help:




    I am so sorry to hear about your father. My dad was also diagnosed with PC. We start chemo on Monday. My dad is also a diabetic. He has been on b-17 for 4 months and what was locally advanced is now in his liver. Although I believe in these alt medicines, pancreatic cancer is a very tough beast. It is best-used interviously…which is how he received it in Mexico. Now we are on tablets.

    I am hoping that chemo in addition to all of the treatments will make the difference.

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