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    Hello all,

    My wife was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the neck and throat in November 2012. It appeared to have started in her tonsil and metastasized into her lymph. Ono recommended surgery immediately and scheduled with ENT. In operating room, ENT abandon procedure as he felt it was too complicated and dangerous to complete. Ono now wanted to begin Radiation and Chemo but we decided to fly to Houston and get a second opinion at the Brzezinski Institute. They seem to have caved to the traditional protocol and wanted 100K up front to get started so… Back home we went!

    Waiting at home was several books I ordered before we left for Houston. Since the Ono estimated two years of life weather or not we succumbed to his chemical protocol, we chose the most promising alternative, Protocel. Amazingly, the tumor was knocked out in about 6 months leaving only a small detectable bump which was probably the scar tissue from the biopsy. Kim continued the Protocel regiment for two years. We never returned to any kind of medical professional and carried on like normal.

    Enter 2016. The tumor was returning and she went right back on Protocel and we finally were able to abstain long enough to order a Narvio test. It came back positive as expected and she engaged the regiment for six months, this time with no results. Now, for the first time, we started reading the “Gerson Therapy” and Kim jumped right on it. The diet conversion was not that difficult as we have always had a garden and juiced regularly. Even the enemas were not so terrifying because I had toxic dental problems in my twenty's and this embarrassing procedure was preformed by my nutritionist(we'll get back to this later).

    Now after ten weeks of juicing and enemas, we still aren't seeing improvement. This is putting us in panic mode and began searching for new alternatives. Joining this site today is one of them and it is here where something clicked while watching one of your recommended clinic videos. The doctor simply mentioned toxic teeth and it all came back to me. Well, not the problems in my twenty's but the memory of “Uninformed Consent”. You see, I was victimized by the best government dental insurance available. By the time I was 20, I probably had 20 amalgam fillings which put me into a state of extremely painful paraplegia. The doctors drained fluid out of my knees, injected me with cortisone, gave me big bottles of pain killers and left me to rot. Some how, by pure luck, a nutritionist saw me trying to walk at the store. He stopped me and asked what was causing the pain and finally asked to look in my mouth. He recognized that I was experiencing mercury poisoning. It was a miraculous healing! Only two weeks after removal of the amalgams, I was almost completely pain free. The medical doctors said that it was a spontaneous remission and refused to consider the possibility of dental work causing the problems.

    Now, we have another big decision. Kim's mouth is full of dental work. Probably five root canals, some with nickel based crowns. It has always eluded us as to why her teeth were in such poor health as we are such good eaters. None of us including our four kids have had a can of soda almost ever.

    This is all so emotionally painful as now we have to consider the removal of most of her remaining teeth.

    God help us!



    hello paul,
    I really pray God does help you & your wife deal with this thing. Luckily my husband has full dentures so we don't have to worry about his teeth causing problems – he has enough as it is! Bladder cancer mets to spine & pelvic bone & nodes. No other organs involved at this stage. Trying to navigate our way around all the options for alternative treatment, as conventional options are down to radiation, which seems to me to just be putting even more stress on his body than there is already. it doesn't make sense to me to do that. otherwise healthy, non smoker/drinker, doing several alternative ideas – he gets a bit tired of me coming up with a new plan! But its about saaving his life now………….
    Good luck on your journey



    Hi Paul,

    I don't think you are running out of options. I don't know anything about protocel so I can't venture an opinion, and I know that you seem to have a healthy lifestyle, but what they say here is that if you're treatment isn't working, add more. For example, the Dirt Cheap protocol has you doing about a dozen different things. If the cancer was able to go dormant with the protocel that might explain why it came back. I think when you hit it with a multitude of different things, it is more likely to get rid of it. There are quite a few different things you can try. Read up on the protocols and see what appeals to you. It is also in my opinion a good idea to evaluate her for emotional causes, either recent or long term unresolved.



    Hello Paul,
    I am not any kind of medical professional but maybe my own story might help. My 1st cancer was colon cancer about 8 years ago. At the time I was lucky as it was not found until it was so life threating that there was no time for any other treatment except emergency surgery as the tumor had been blocking my colon for weeks at least. After surgery I was in remission & still able to live a normal life. About 3 months after colon surgery I had hernia operation,which left me with a life threating MRSA infection & another “emergency” operation to place a sponge in my gut attached to a vacuum cleaner which I was told was the latest to vacuum out those nasty MRSA bugs. After a very painful month of that not working I was switched to IV drugs as insurance would not pay for more vacuum. After a week or so of IV not working I was given pills & sent home still infected. Out of desperation I ordered a Hulda Clark Zapper from the internet & used it for 2 weeks at home along with the pills. The next visit found no trace of MRSA but I was advised that I had been “colonized” & it could pop back up again. While I can't say if it was the zapping or the months of other treatments that finallty worked. but I did notice that my carpel tunnel no longer bothered me. I kept up the zapping for over a year but then slowly trailed off until I lost the zapper during a move. I remained in remission until 2 years ago when I was diagnosed w/esophageal cancer. At that time I got the full monty of radiation, chemo & surgery,which changed my life forever. For the last 2 years I've been dealing with the side effects of the cancer treatments. Just before last Christmas I was diagnosed with invasive adenocarcinoma in my right upper bronchial lobe opening, as well as signs of it spreading to my lungs & larynix (vocal chords, I have no voice & I must scream). While I'm no medical type person I was an electronics research technician for IBM in the 90s & am very familiar with the principles behind the electronics part of zapping which are based on solid mainstream electronics physics. The Syncrometer used to determine presence of materials in the body & other substances is actually based on electronic principles in use for over a hundred years & is the basis for radio tuners everywhere. I also realize the importance of attitude during any kind of illness &/or stress. Which is why I use the ancient Greek trick of carrying & using a “worry stone” when I start feeling anxious. Hospice keeps pushing morphine but I try to use modern drugs & processed foods as little as possible, preferring to try the stone 1st. The worry stone is simply a small stone or special coin you carry with you & rub between your thumb & forefinger whenever you start to feel anxious or stressed. It actually does seem to help me. I also do things like oil pulling & bitter apricot kernels as well as eat a LOT of dark,seeded grapes & self hypnosis. I would recommend to anybody Hulda Clark's final book “The Cure & Prevention of all Cancers” which I just received today. It has schematics & easy to follow instructions on how to build your own zapper for as little as $50. Or you could get this websites recommended zapper but I'm not sure what it costs. This website seems to like the GB4000 Rife style signal generator with amplifier. While the math seems to work & theoretically it should work this is getting more into the bio part of bioelectronics which I am not that familiar with yet. That & the $5000 price puts that option out of my reach but there are plenty of very good articles & people here that can suggest other alternatives. Seeing as I already have my zapper which I have found again, I am opting for the Clark Zazpper & as much of the Dirt Cheap protocol as I can manage. Remember everyone is different & will react differently to different treatments. It's always best to work with a professional with experience with whatever protocol you use as your “main” protocol if you can. Good luck & God bless, I really do hope this helps you & others.



    It's really sad to hear about it, Paul.

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