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    Does anyone have any helpful information on dealing with Rhabdomyosarcoma? My husband is 64 years old and was diagnosed 11 months ago. The cancer is in his sinus cavities, eye orbits, and neck lymphnodes. So far it hasn't spread to any other parts although his head is full of the cancer. He started traditional treatment (chemotherapy) but stopped it as it was literally killing him. We went to the BioMedical Center in Mexico and he started a treatment protocol there the beginning of August. However, the cancer continued to spread and one tumour on his neck pushed against his jugular vein and voice box. So he had 5 rounds of radiation to help reduce the swelling of that tumor. He has lost his voice (prior to the radiation) and can only whisper. He is still taking the protocol from BioMedical, and he has added Cannibus Oil suppositories and oral capsules. He also rubs the C. Oil on the tumours on his neck and temples. It has helped immensely with the pain. He also takes apricot seeds daily and eats organic, vegetables…no meat or dairy except for farm fresh eggs. He drinks Essiac tea and Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root tea. Anyone else dealing with this type of sarcoma? And suggestions for adding anything that has worked for you? Thank you.


    Hi Linda,

    Just to add a few simple ideas-
    Rebounding and Deep Tissue Massage for Lymphatic System.
    For Sinus- Make or buy Herbal Nasal Snuff and snort it (50% Goldenseal root and 50% Barberry with a pinch of garlic and cayenne powder. All finely powdered and sieved).

    Kind Regards



    My son is 18 years old and suffering from Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma with nodal metastasis. The disease was diagnosed two years back having primary site at left tibia and spread to lingual and illiac region. Treatment was done with slandered protocol of Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy. No evidence of disease was found after completion of treatment protocol of 10 months. Unfortunately disease has relapsed. He is now undergoing chemotherapy (Salvage Protocol). Suggestions for alternative treatment therapy that has worked out for anyone.

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