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    Pia Foged Møller

    I'm new to this site.
    My brother (53) has cancer in his last kidney and lower back just spreading in pelvis area and T1.
    The doctors had success in keeping kidney and lower back cancer in awe, but now it has started growing and spreading.
    My question is; will the protocols (eg. Cellect Budwig Protocol) as a treatment get the only left kidney (cancerous) difficulties and lead to organ failure?
    I don't know if toxin flushing is a great deal for the organs and can lead to failure when you only have 1 kidney, which is NOT 100% healthy.

    To add: As the back cancer has grown my brother can't move his legs and has a urinary catheter as he can't feel his “doings”. He has feelings in his legs like a “sleeping” feeling. He can feel if he is touched but when the touch is situated in one place the feeling fades until the touch is moving again.

    Thanks for reading it – comments are very much appreciated.


    HP Croog

    Hi. Not talking as any kind of expert, but MMS looks like a very versatile form of treatment (topically hen combined with DMSO). It's helped some pretty terminal people too. I've heard some people have been cured when they've had only two weeks left to live.

    Here are some videos:


    Very measured view from a Dr:

    Quantum Leap

    The guidelines are really solid:

    and the Genesis 2 Church also provides some fairly affordable one to one specific guidance if you contact them:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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