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    Andrew Gan
    Andrew Gan

    Hello all,
    my mom is dignosed with oligodendroglioma grade 2 brain tumor. She is one brave woman and have withstood 2 brain operations, last brain op was 1.5 years back. I have no intention of starting chemotherapy even though that has been the option pushed to us every time we visit the national cancer centre.

    Im afraid the tumor has been slowing growing still. Questions
    1) I am thinking of starting her on the kelmun protocol (baking soda and maple syrup) and heavy vegetable juicing, is this possible?
    2) Kelmun protocol and dirt cheap protocol, are they meant to be done together?
    3) Can we do the kelmun protocol and three honey protocol together?
    4) Do you know of any brands of maple syrup or baking soda that we should be getting?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!


    Hi Andrew. First of all, I am not an expert and am fighting my own battle with breast cancer. But I will be happy to share what I have discovered.
    (1) The Dirt Cheap Protocol is very effective. There is no one single treatment or protocol which works for everyone because everyone is different and pour bodies all will handle the treatments differently. It is not about one magic treatment, it is about hitting the cancer from many different angles and to me keeping it off balance all the while you are boosting the immune system.

    (2) Juicing has been very effective for me. You cannot go wrong with juicing and helping the body's immune system. It is VERY IMPORTANT to get a good juicer, one that is called a masticating juicer as it will get every last drop of the vegetables goodness out of it without harming or warming the juice. Juicing will give your Mom's immunity system a boost. Eating an all raw vegan diet with the juicing is an amazing healing tool.

    (3) I am just now doing the Kelmun. What I know is that it is an important part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol in that it is a way to restore alkalinity to the body. The Kelmun CAN BE DONE WITH juicing. You just have to be careful to wait at least 20 minutes after the last teaspoon of the Kelmun mixture. There is a very good article on CancerTutor about how to schedule the teaspoons and depending on the severity of the cancer, you can (I think) do as many as 16 teaspoons for a week only before reverting back to the 4 teaspoons.

    (4) Bob's Red Mill pure baking soda and any very dark pure maple syrup will work. Just be sure the baking soda is pure and the maple syrup is only maple syrup. I amusing an organic non GMO dark maple syrup.

    (5) I am doing the three honeys treatment with the Kelmun. So as far as I know, it is okay.

    Again I am not a professional, but someone who is fighting her own battle. I have done a lot of research and I would tell you that you are the right place for help and support. The folks here at CancerTutor are amazing and this is a very supportive community.

    I wish you and your family well. Hope this helps.



    Hi Andrew,

    A lot of people seem to get confused about the Dirt Cheap Protocol. All the protocols you have mentioned (Kelmun, Three Honey, Juicing) are just 3 protocols that make up part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol. The DCP is made up of at least 14 individual protocols.

    Kind Regards
    Alex D

    Andrew Gan
    Andrew Gan

    Hello Roie,

    Thank you very much for your reply! really appreciate it, can you share on how often you do the honey treatment and juicing details? Any particular food my mom should avoid too? I read that she should avoid flour, sugar and processed food

    Hello Alex,

    Appreciate your reply too! Now i understand better, i was confused with all the DCP and within DCP there are many own protocols in itself. Any personal experience on any particular protocols which you find it helpful?



    They are all helpful, but the following are a must within the DCP.

    1. MSM/LIPh/Vitamin C
    2. Beta Glucan
    3. Liver Flush (Do a bowel flush first)
    4. High Alkaline protocol (such as Kelmun)
    And some also say the Budwig protocol is a must for brain cancers (hard to fit in when doing the DCP because it requires a 2/3 hour time gap between protocols but it is doable. Easiest way is to do it as soon as you wake so you can concentrate on the DCP for the rest of the day).

    I strongly suggest to read through the protocols and take notes as you go so you are aware of interactions, warnings and time gaps. Then write up a daily schedule.

    Other simple things you can do for brain cancer that may not be mentioned on the site-
    1.Elevate the bed to get blood flow to the brain while sleeping.
    2.Castor oil packs or a clay poultice on the head (can even sleep with them on).
    3.Head massages.
    4.Exercise (rebounding).
    5.Add beets, spinach, cayenne, garlic to your juice or diet.

    Theres so much more but just get started and add along the way.

    Kind Regards

    Andrew Gan
    Andrew Gan

    Hello Alex and Roie,

    Thank you for all ur replies. Your replies truly meant the world to me as I am feeling completely helpless. The doctor recommended us to start on oral chemo last weekend but we refused, I could tell my mom was on the verge to giving in to oral chemo..

    Need your advice on my plans.. I read through the DCP and this is what i intend to do.
    1) Im not going to do the required items in the DCP as I am worried about how my mom will respond to organic sulphur..

    2) I think its more prudent to start her slow instead of pulling her body through a barrage of different protocols. Mainly concerned about how her body will react to the sudden changes.

    3) Thinking of going with the kelmun protocol + bidwig protocol and vege juicing. Is this combination good? Can I mix them together? I am thinking of starting with one protocol first and we build up from there

    4) I will need to be very strict on her daily food intake too, most vege. (no meat!)

    all comments are welcomed, thank you.


    Hi Andrew. I certainly understand your confusion. I have read and reread the DCP so many times. I have taken notes, reread and made a spreadsheet to check off daily to make sure I get it all done. At least that is where I am now.
    When I think about where I started 2 months ago, I want to say that the most important place to start is to do what you need to do to buy some time.
    Please understand that I am not an expert but I do know how my own body is reacting. Our bodies are able to heal themselves if we can give them the proper tools. I honestly believe that the first three items in the DCP are very important for your Mom's situation. In any event, you really need to do the Beta Glucan along with the heavy juicing and Kelmun and strict raw vegan diet. I would do the Beta Glucan, juicing and raw vegan for the first week just to make some transition and cleanse the body of some toxins. Your Mom's immune system needs to know that help is on the way.

    Also you are going to want to make sure you are doing what you can for a liver cleanse and detoxing. Because you can kill the microbial bacteria but you need to flush it out of the system, too.

    There is so much good information and help on this site.

    I understand about the organic sulphur but it is important. And whatever you use you need to make sure you are buying quality organic. The sulphur gave me a slight rash. With the exception of veggie juicing and eating – I have had to do a build-up of about everything I am trying. Just keep steadfast. Bombard her body with veggies and lots and lots of raw carrot juice. Like 64 ounces daily – and make sure you are using a good mastecating juicer so the minerals and vitamins in the juice are not being overheated.

    Best wishes to you all.


    Hi Andrew,

    1. It is your choice not to use MSM. But you can always start low dosage and build.

    2. Many people do start slow and build. If your worried about her bodies reaction, organ cleansing and regular bowel movements will assist elimination so will help with that.
    Many people worry about wether their body can handle all the natural protocols. Common sense tells me that NO ‘natural' protocol will ever be as extreme as doing surgery/chemo/radiation. So I always go extreme when using natural treatments. But thats just me!

    3. You can't mix together. There are time gaps for Budwig (3hour) and kelmun (30min).
    You ask if it is a good combination. Well, it is a good start. My herbal teacher used to always say “no one ever died by doing too much. Its usually ‘I should have done more' or ‘I didn't do enough'”.

    4. Yes. Mostly raw vegan (just my opinion).

    Kind Regards

    Andrew Gan
    Andrew Gan

    Hello guys,

    Really appreciate all the replies from you guys. I do not know what i would do without you guys or the internet.

    I will share my diet game plan and the MRI results (in 3 mths)

    PS: Shout out to alex, thanks for the time gaps reminder, i will keep in mind! Shout out to Roie in your cancer fight, stay strong and positive and half the battle is won 🙂

    God bless guys!

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