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    My Mother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer with Mestasisis to the Liver and we are seeking urgent treatment options.
    Has any one got any experience of the Oasis of Hope Clinic in Mexico?
    This site seems to recommend the Hope 4 Cancer institute but the Oasis of hope seems to offer some potentially more effective treatments for this type of Cancer from my research, plus some low dose Chemo which they believe would help.

    Still looking for good options in Germany as an alternative so if any one has any positive experiences to share particularly for PC that would be amazing! Europe would be far more ideal since we would need to travel from the UK!
    Thanks for reading!!


    Kalbs Gwon
    Kalbs Gwon

    geez.. hope it's not too late! can your mom travel to southern california? have a doctor who helped my uncle out… stage 4 mets liver, lungs… 2-3mo's live… here's his story:



    Can you tell more about the treatments and which clinic?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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