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    Frankie Cayton

    My husband was diagnosed with Gleason 8 Prostrate Cancer in May 2017 at age 66. We incorporated several alternative protocols and said “no” to 44 radiation treatments. The urologist also wanted to chemically castrate him and destroy all his testosterone. They erroneously tell you that prostrate cancer is testosterone driven. Other research we did said just the opposite. Prostrate Cancer and Prostrate Enlargement is caused from high Estrogen and Low Testosterone. We tried to share that info with the doctor who thought I was being “smart” with him.

    My husband (now 67) just had a “cyst” removed from his right breast and the surgeon was sure it was benign. It was round and smooth and he said it looked nothing like cancer tumors he had occasion to remove. Our follow up visit yesterday with the surgeon revealed that it is an estrogen driven cancer that men get. They ordered the BRCA test. The surgeon wants to remove the right breast including lymph nodes. If the BRCA test comes back positive, he wants to also remove the left breast. He said this type of cancer in men is very aggressive. We have been trying for almost a year to get someone to address my husband's hormone levels. The urologist got angry when we said we wanted hormone lab work back in the fall of 2017. He very reluctantly wrote the order and said it wouldn't do any good to do that type of lab work. So in the fall of 2017, the labs showed HIGH estrogen and low testosterone. We have an appointment for April 30th to get him on testosterone shots…but the surgeon says we shouldn't do that and wants to put him on Tamoxiferin AFTER the mastectomy procedure which is supposed to address the high estrogen issue. Is there any reason to perform a mastectomy – or two when hormone therapy could fix this whole issue. It has not been proven to us that there is any more cancer in the breast. Breast cancer is not caused from having too many breasts (Dr. Lorraine Day).


    Get a second opinion from a holistic doctor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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