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    Just found out I have a large tumor in my nasopharynx (in/behind my nose). Very bad experiences with 2 different ENT's so far, very incompetent. Pretty rare cancer compared to others, hoping to find someone who has actually discovered that one of these alternative treatments has reduced their tumor. That's all, I can't find anything anywhere where someone has reported this. Please consider sharing your story for our benefit. Thank you!



    G'day from Australia! We have been looking for someone just like you. Probably would have found you sooner, but it wasn't until today that I was able to set up an account at CT and respond to posts. In March of this year (2018) my partner was diagnosed with NPC,Stage 4. He had the full range of scans and a biopsy. “The system” was all ready to have him undergo 35 radiation treatments and three of chemo, but we are fully aware of the downsides and want to avoid that if at all possible. His main symptom is a blockage of one ear, so this was first discovered by an ENT specialist. Otherwise he goes about his daily activities pretty much as normal. Since the diagnosis we have been doing a combination of alternative treatments primarily including: MMS1/MMS2 + DMSO, Essiac Tincture, and apricot kernels for amygdalin. Our problem is that we have no one to talk to about this, no one to exchange information with. We will be very glad to join you in discussion on this forum. Please respond at your convenience and we will be back with more. Meanwhile, from someone who shares this unusual condition, please accept our very best wishes for rapid progress for the better! Signed: Wombat Joey, Dated: June 7, 2018


    amber stites

    Hi John,

    Your partners story, sounds exactly the same as my husbands in the US. Can you Bob post any and all information you can provide? Treatment, current status, etc?? Thank you so much!

    Yuni M
    Yuni M

    Hi Bob, John, and Amber,

    I'm from Indonesia. I've been diagnosed with NPC stage 2/3 since a month ago from a biopsy on my neck. After that I went on a CT scan on the nasopharingeal area. My symptomps are blockage on my right ear, heavy influenza (everyday), and I'm starting to have a daily headache for the past two weeks. I've been undergoing alternatif treatments such as keto diet (no sugar, no carb, white meat, raw veggie, essential oils, and sunbathing everyday for 30 minutes), meditation, and still considering to consume the apricot seeds/kernels. My condition now is pretty stabil, not getting better but not getting worse. I'd like to hear more stories about your undergoing treatment, how it works, and your progress.

    Waiting for replies,

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